Nov 5, 2006


Sorry folks but I call it like I see it. I'm not one to say shit about stars, Hollywood and such, I could really give a shit. In fact, I just about have an aversion for people that are all about the stars and so on. I want to tell them to get a life, especially the ones that have whole blogs about it or them.
This outfit should be illegal. I mean, my god, have you no shame. No, I'm not talking about the pregnant belly. We've come a long way baby from back in my day where women covered their belly's like it was forbidden to show it. But the whole outfit just reeks of bad taste and she probably thinks she To me she looks like a pig but on a further note, lighting the cigarette, hanging out of her mouth, well it's just out and out disgusting.
OK, so I've done my part in the "Say it isn't so" speak out against nasty ass people. I feel better now, thanks!


mary said...

Hehe..yea she's..ahhhh..lookin rather beklupt..what is up with that.

Shit gir; I've donned some messes in my day too..but this piece of work has them all beat.

Serious ouch..
so glad you're back.


Babsbitchin said...

mary, hey madame, how goes it?
Yea, I think if the fashion police saw her, they'd pull a Rodney King on her ass being extra careful to only beat her around the head!For sure serious ouch! hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

no wonder the rest of the world hate Americans!! All they see is this!!

Babsbitchin said...

rich, yes fine example, huh? What happened to a woman taking pride in herself?Now, let me make it clear that I've worn some savory things in my day, but on a scale of trash to slutty, somehow there is a difference. I did dress a bit slutty at one point but trash is trash. Good point!

Chuck said...

i thinks she's sexy as hell, reminds me of my wife when she was pregnant, i was tappin' that shit like a mad man! i even hit once in the hospital while she was having contractions, emily is lucky she came out dent-free !

Babsbitchin said...

Chuck, most pregnant women do have a sexy aura about them, glow? My husband tried to break an Olympic record every time I was pregnant.What's up with that?