Nov 20, 2006


I want you to see this before I am arrested by the PETA, Save the Whale, Animal Cruelty, Game Warden people. They'll be coming for me any minute .
OK, it's bad enough I gotta go out back to smoke. But what's a girl to do to amuse herself? I mean I got this 55lb. Hoover part pig, part bulldog Cow, snorting and rooting around me. I feel led to feed her. I catch hell for it too. The vet says for 6 months old she's extremely overweight. But misery loves company and I just gotta feed her. Well, she happens to love squirt cheese. The problem is, it was hard to film and aim. Plus, I was laughing so hard, it was a mess. Go see it on my Sweet Dreams Darling blog, before they confiscate it for evidence!


Miranda said...

OMFG- he is just toooo cute. lol

Babsbitchin said...

Miranda, I only wish I had the sound on that little digital camera. She sounds just like a pig. We're supposed to get one for Christmas. I do the chronological happenings at home while my sister works.

Life said...

hi babs!
nice dog. i like it... is so cute!
kiss from portugal!!!

Babsbitchin said...

Life, it's good to hear from you my ol' Amigo!!
Mesmo mais grandes beijos de mim!!

frog with a blog said...

OH my GOOOOD, she is soooo hysterically funny! And how talented she is too, look at how she manages to lick off that cheese off her nose. Amazing tongue power. Another skill she has in common with the mistress right?
Good to see a little bit of you live for the first time too.

Oh, dear it's 2 am, school night, and look at me lying in bed, laughing and watching a dog licking cheese out of a spray!!! Life is just too weird sometimes. Do you really eat cheese out of a spray???

Babsbitchin said...

Frog, Paris doesn't have the fine art of Squeeze Cheeze? It's just deliteful on a cracker and the dog just loves it. I was laughing sadistically with this cheese thing. I think I may need a Valium, damn! Kisses my Sweet Prince in the disguise of a Frog!

JerseyTjej said...

I bet my dog would like it, he loves cheese, too!
Izzy is 55 lbs at 6 months!? Damn, what will she weigh at a year?
Watch your arm!

Babsbitchin said...

jerseytjej, she came at me last night, lil bitch and I had to put her down.(not literally) I am the Alpha female,hah!But she's a steamroller and loves to play rough. They blame me for how fat she is. I do feed her gummi bears and such.