Nov 18, 2006


I have a real attitude tonight. I'm really not in a good frame of mind. Aaaaah yes, pain has a way of doing that to the innocent and guilty alike. I'd starting taking pain meds again. Big mistake, huge fucking mistake. I can't stand to be enslaved to anything, not a man, woman, drug, anything. Of course all Doctors are scared stiff to give you anything and I guess you're supposed to live with it. How can you live with it? What to do when you are in real pain and you're tired of sucking it up??? I can see why people blow their heads off. Yes, those familiar headaches, those ugly fucking, life changing headaches. Pain riddles your body, wrecking your life and killing any emotion of joy you might have left. If I could spar with my pain, I'd kick it's fucking ass. I'd tell it what a piece of shit, worthless motherfucker it is and spit in it's face. I'd rip it's throat out and shit down it's lungs. I'd rip it's arm off and beat the shit out of it with it's own bloody stump. I'd shoot it right between the eyes, when I was done kicking it in the face, and have no remorse, none. I'd piss on it and tell it to fuck off and watch it as it slowly dies, that glimmer leaving it's eyes. Yes, kiss my fat ass Mr.Pain, you fuckin' fuck!


Delaine said...

Hope you feel better soon gal.

Babsbitchin said...

Delaine, thank you. I was going through something last night and feel much better today. I really appreciate that, again thanks!

Chuck said...

sounds like a little more vodka in your tea wouldn't hurt

pain sucks, i've had some in my day and i wonder what i'll do when it really gets bad

it's hard to be a man when you're crying like a 10 year old little bitch.

i hope you can always handle it no matter how bad it gets. peace. xoxo

Babsbitchin said...

chuck, I know what you mean, I get angry, more than anything, as you can see from the post. What to do? Ya know what I mean? These Doctors are so scared and for good reason but what's a person to do with real pain? Suck it up? I do most of the time and I have for 29 years. But from time to time, I get so fucking fed up, I make myself sick. We'll get through this Chuck, my man. Yes, we will!
Big Love Snookums!