Nov 9, 2006


I took a nasty blow to the inside of my elbow and had to go see the Surgeon. As I sat in the waiting room, I browsed a magazine, waiting my turn. I thought to myself, damn this magazine stinks but I kept on reading. I kept getting a whiff of something nasty. It took me a minute but I figured out the old woman sitting four seats away was farting. A couple came in and sat a seat away from me and I was hoping that they didn't think it was me, I mean the room had a stench, ya know. I heard the fart this time and watched, mid fart as this old bag lifted her ass to break wind. I held in the laughter and looked back down at my magazine. Then it hit me, a fucking stench from hell, a classic old lady, musty, boiled chicken, potatoes and lima beans lives with a dashhound and the smells embedding itself into her, fart. I actually started gagging as it swirled around my face, burning the hair from my nostrils. Oh, it was on me, all up in my face and my stomach was not taking the joke well, at all. I covered my mouth, looking frantically for a trash can. Just then the nurse called me and I grabbed my X-rays and thanked God she'd called me next. She looked at me like I'd lost my mind. All I could mutter was she's farting and she started laughing uncontrollably. Oh, it's all fun and games till you have your own eyebrows singed off!!


Anonymous said...

eeeeeeeeeeew! Babs I can just see you gagging away. Sorry, I'm laughing but it is funny.
Love Ya,

Babsbitchin said...

anonymous/brat, I had tears in my eyes, it was awful, damn!