Nov 10, 2006


Those of you who are not in the habit of checking any of my other blogs, are of course, at a clear disadvantage, lol!! Anyway, on my Sweet Dreams Darling blog, there's some cool ad pics. Nothing is better than good advertising. Go check it out!


AZCG said...

You thought you could hide from me, but I finally found you with the assistance of Chuck, my extraordinary Indian guide!

I've been looking for you so I could say THANK YOU. "Thank you for what", you ask. Remember the post you did when you took a picture of your feet with the lovely pink polished toenails? Well, after I saw that picture I thought I would take a picture of my feet and e-mail it to you (thought it would be a cute post if all your female readers sent in photos of their tooties), but when I took the picture all I saw was the cankles of a fat lady! What a shock, I know I've gained weight as I've aged, but I guess I really hadn't focused on any particular body part until that day.

Oprah always says you can unknowingly help someone with a kind word or act -- well, you opened my eyes with a simple photo and I wanted to say THANK YOU for doing so even if it wasn't your intention. I'm probably 30 pounds lighter now than the day I tried to photograph my cankles (a word I've heard that descibes the condition when you calves and ankles kinda flow together), and it was your photo that kick started me into action. Between Chuck and yourself (sounds like an interesting threesome!) I've been inspired to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.


Babsbitchin said...

AZCG, ok, you've got me scared here. Do I have cankles and wasn't aware of it and then you took the photo and saw you had cankles too? OMG, the Cankles sounds like a show I'd watch on Friday nights even though I don't watch t.v., lol!!
You've lost 30 lbs girlfriend? Cheers and here's to you. I need to lose 30 lbs, well, maybe 20, too but I like to eat too much. I did lose 15 in the last couple of months.
I tip my hat to you and I appreciate you sharing that with me. Now, where's my picture? If I can show my ugly ass feet with my big bunion bursting out, c'mon. We'll start something here. It'd be fun!! Have a great weekend G-friend, ok?

AZCG said...

No you don't have cankles! I have cankles! Your picture showed me what ankles are supposed to look like! Let me loose another 30lbs and then I might, m-i-g-h-t send a picture of my cankles.

Babsbitchin said...

azcg, I have slender ankles only because that is a trait, an odd one of slender wrists and ankles. The rest of me is a chunky monkey. I'm large and in charge, hahaha!
I want some ankle pics and we'll start this ball rolling. I doubt you need to lose more weight, you're just self-conscience.