Nov 27, 2006


1. I didn't like to get on stage but I did and my face would turn beet red.
I did like to sing and would record myself until my Dad found it and played it for everybody.

2. I didn't like to eat green peppers when I was a kid and would throw up.
I did like Mom's Tuna fish sandwiches with a big honking pickle, in my packed lunch.

3. I didn't like to do my homework and would usually lie and say it was done.
I did like to pretend I was the teacher and make other kids, imaginary kids, do homework.

4. I didn't like to look at dead animals and would hold my breath going by.
I did like anything medical. Surgery and death scene photos were cool.

5. I didn't like when my Mom brushed my hair, pulling it back so hard my head would get sore.
I did like my Page Boy haircut because it was trendy, I thought I was the shit.

6. I didn't like bullies, even as a child and beat a fat kid with a plastic bat.
I did like a kid in a wheelchair and would go visit her at her house and play with her.

7. I didn't like when my lil' brother David got a hair cut, we cried, I thought he was being hurt.
I did like when my other brother, had to get a buzz cut for lieing. He never got into trouble.

8. I didn't like to play out in the heat. I would stay in and play my records and sing and dance.
I did like to play in the snow and loved Christmas time and making presents.

9. I didn't like Sister Mary Agnes. She whacked me with her pointer and pulled my ears.
I did like Sister Mary Margaret and wanted to be her. She was beautiful and soft spoken.

10. I didn't like being a virgin and changed that at 12.
I did like that I had boobs in 3rd grade and got my first bra. The boys called me Booby Barbie.


Joss said...

One plus one;

I didn't like the blows that my grandmother gave to me. But I liked to speak with her for hours.


Babsbitchin said...

joss, my Mom was like that. I hated her for years. We love each other now and I appreciate her but not before.I can also be thankful for some things she was stern with me about but not before.
¡Disfruto realmente teniendo noticias de usted!

Spidey said...

I can relate to so much of your 10+10!
Especially the NUNS. Gads..they used to beat the living crap out of me!

Babsbitchin said...

spidey, oh my, not you too? Those Penguins are a vicious lot, aren't they? I'm so glad to hear from you. I thought I'd lost you for good!

Joss said...

Almost always, now is better than yesterday.

I enjoy your words too.


Babsbitchin said...

joss, with maturity comes understanding but not until. We think we know it all and then we are sadly mistaken, sometimes it is too late. We must never think we know it all, I want to learn now but I have learned from my mistakes and am a better person for it, right?
Ellos eran medios cuando éramos poco pero tal vez ellos tenían razón. La abuela le amó o ella puede no haberse molestado hasta en corregirle y luego hablar. ¿Ella era dulce?
¿Echo de menos a mi Abuela, usted también?