Jan 24, 2007

The Gay Gate

If you look deep in the clubs of UK, there, you will find him.
My friend at The Gay Gate, turned me on to this song. Love it!


.Ophelia. said...

I got my first troll last night!! hey tried to be mean and tell me off about what they think my lifestyle is just from reading a couple posts. hahaha
This is momentous!

Babsbitchin said...

Ophelia, too funny. It's a good thing we have people like that to keep us in check, ya know. Probably Super Cyndicate, hahaha!

Edd.D said...

Babs I love it, though Ive pointed my lawyers in your direction regarding my exuberant fees. And bitch be scared, the're good.

also, just read your post above. What can I say. Simply, I loved it. Ive been toying with the of writing post about how gay men and probably to the same extent women (though I dont know any to make proper judgement) are a different species, but didnt know how to make it objective, but more importantly positive to both str8 and gay people. You did. Thankyou.xx