Jan 1, 2007


I watched a really cool program on The History Channel last night. It was on the Mayan Calender which was not just a device to mark time and days off but foretold of events and was chock full of predictions. They were beyond their years in the way they designed this Calender and their Astronomical knowledge was well beyond, questionably beyond their capabilities.
Within the structure of this calender, lie three calenders that worked in conjunction with one another. They were of the belief that history repeats itself and their predictions were actually broad but accurate to the point of a prediction of their own demise.
It astounded me that they prayed to and had a belief of a God, a deity which was nothing like their own person, dark haired and dark skinned. But they made images of their God within their hieroglyphics and it is written that he was a god with white hair, who was fair skinned and blue eyes. They had an advanced hieroglyphic means of record but when they were invaded by the Spanish Conquest, they were deemed, because of their rituals of human sacrifice and such, as demon possessed. Their records were burned except for...4 books. Within those four books lie a legend of prophesy unlike any other. It predicted that the Sun will dip within the Milky Way, thus causing cataclysmic proponents. It is considered Doomsday but it is not actually the end but ushers in the Golden Age.
The date given and mind you, their other predictions were pretty on the money is...

December 21, 2012

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Jagd Kunst said...

Thanks for that, I'd already planned to be in mexico on 2012 november 1st with my gal for her birthday. Now I need to wait a month and a half to witness the end of the world. It's my reason for livin' doncha know?

Babsbitchin said...

jagd kunst, see, I look at it this way, now we've got the heads up and we can party hard right up to the 21st of December. Now, there are two ways you can look at this; fear or fun, which will it be?

Old Knudsen said...

After heaven's gate and Y2K I don't believe any of that shite, the world will still be here, we'll be screwed but the earth will carry on in some form yay!

Jagd Kunst said...

I don't care what Ole Knud says, I just want I firey doomsday party in mexico.

Babsbitchin said...

old knudsen, You do have a point, huh? We really thought we were fucked this time a few years ago with Y2K didn't we? I will greet this the same way I hope with a "big fuck you." Although on New Years 2000, I was on a detail and not even thinking about Y2K really, just doing my job. This time, I'll party hardy and get drunk enough I don't give a shite if pigs fly outa my arse!

Babsbitchin said...

jagd kunst, well ya don't have to tell me twice to get ready for a party. This Gringa will throw down on some Tequila and forget about it! Now we have a few years to plan this gig, maybe we can schedule some bands and have it catered. Then again, some Cantinia, wide open, is always good. I have my friends down there, Chino and his family, his Dad is an Officionado and has everybody in his pocket, so there's,(insert accent here) sure to be snow in Mexico. I'll be looking forward to this one! Let's do it!