Jan 18, 2007

Izzy Did What???

Oh yea, she looks innocent enough but she's Satan spawn. Izzy is my sister's English Bulldog and she's about 8 months old. She ate my sister's checkbook, last night and an expense report. Now, I hate to say it but lil' sis should never trust her, never. She ate her brand new rocking chair, this past summer and was working on the other and an end table, all outside furniture. Sis had to throw the one new rocker out, it was so bad. She chews up all of my nephews good toys, you know the new ones. Oh, but come to think of it, she's an equal op chewer, no discrimination. She has enough plastic in her shit to keep Tupperware in business, as I wrote in a comment to this post on Old Bitter Balls. This past Christmas, I didn't realize it but she was stealing shit and taking it out back, ripping it up. I'd had the back door open, to bring stuff in from my car. All the while, she was on the side of the house with a pair of gloves, a matchbox car, in the box, chewed to hell and a bag of candy.
It's a damn good thing, she's not my dog.


.Ophelia. said...

awww Izzy! How could you not forgive a face like that!?
Though I'd prolly chop her face off if she ate any of my shoes. haha

Plus she can pull the "Ima Puppy" card.

Webmiztris said...

this is exactly why I have CATS...lol

Babsbitchin said...

Ophelia, she's such a brat. I do so try to hate her guts but then...she gives me this look, just like the pic. She's a true playa!

Babsbitchin said...

webmiztris, I did till we got Izzy and my Himilayan Sealpoint, "Fat Bastard" ran way. Now, I don't now if Izzy was responsible but I do believe it was more about the Puntang he was smelling. These city kitties lured my Fat Bastard away. Damn those Pussy's!