Jan 27, 2007

Meet Mz.Karma Bitchslap, Mr.Sexual Offender

Say Hello to my little friend...Mz.Karma Bitchslap

I do believe Karma was smuggled in to the Wabash Correctional Facility and coerced the victim's cousin, to tattoo this guys forehead. How fitting, huh? I think we should take a long hard look at the ramifications this might have? Think about it? I've met, lived with and dealt with sexual offenders. There are a few categories of this type of offender. Some are your simple indecent exposure types and so on. Some have had sex with a minor and have done time, paid their dues, went to counseling and will always have to register as a Sexual Offender. Although I do not condone this behavior, they are in a different class of offender, not innocent by any means but the lesser of the two evils.

Everybody deserves a second chance, I mean, after all, you were sentenced, did your time, as dictated by society and their courts, then released on Parole, unless you maxed out, doing all of your time. Most, must have a treatment program and it is a well known fact that many keep their true feelings under their hat and do not exclaim their true urges, their true feelings, those sexual urges, that spur them on. Just as in addiction, if you are not completely honest and do not tell on yourself, how does or can anyone help you.
I spoke with a reputable Prison Psychologist, who I had the pleasure of tutelage under, at great length, concerning this menace to society. It was explained, that they had tried the "Dysfunctioning" of the sexual organ, of the offender, with forced medications and so on. Castration was even explored. For the other catagory of sexual offender, the "Predator" causing dysfunction had nothing to do with it, in many cases. Where dysfunction was applied, many Predators used an object in place of their own member. It was a case of control and power, over their victim. This completely threw me, as I thought it was mostly of a sexual nature. It was then explained to me, that often times, the perpetrator was exercising control, mainly on the weak and often times, it was a payback or likened behavior to what they, themselves had sustained and experienced. Often times, a cycle of abuse and molestation was present in the "Jacket," a file that is kept on the offender, containing their history and criminal record. A side of you wants to be compassionate for those that were, themselves molested. But for the violent predator, I have no sympathy, none what so ever. It is this category, that I think should all have to be tattooed, right on their fucking foreheads...
"Sexual Offender." Most of the ones, on the run, have moved in to your neighborhoods, near your schools and yes, they do present a dangerous situation. It is the law, that they must register as a sex offender, in the presiding county but many do not, so they can not be detected. Especially, if they've walked off their Parole/Probation. They do not want to be located, or detected. They certainly don't want you to stop their heinous ideas, right?
So, I thoroughly enjoyed the article on the guy, who'd raped and murdered, a little girl, having to walk around with the label, tattooed, forever on his forehead.

A man serving life in prison at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility for molesting and killing a Crothersville girl is now part of a Department of Correction investigation.

Thirty-nine-year-old Anthony Stockelman, convicted for the murder of Katie Collman, now has a tattoo that reads "Katie's Revenge" on his forehead.

The photo of what is identified as Stockelman's forehead and eyes appeared online on a blog that focuses on news reports about crimes against children and women. The blogger says she received the photograph in an e-mail last Saturday. She says the e-mail also claimed a distant relative of Katie's who also is at Wabash Valley had given Stockelman the tattoo.

A Department of Correction spokesperson says Stockelman did receive the tattoo while serving time at Wabash Valley. While they won't comment further they do say the incident is under investigation and they have contacted the state police.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


The man who pleaded guilty to molesting and killing a 10-year-old southern Indiana girl now has her name tattooed on his forehead.

Anthony Stockelman, serving a life sentence at the Wabash Correctional Facility for killing Katie Collman, was found with the words "Katie's Revenge" on his forehead.


CanadianSwiss said...

Interesting and I do agrre with you on the tatoos for violent predators. Maybe they should add a chip somewhere under the sin, so that they can be located and followed.

Take care, mon amie!

.Ophelia. said...

Wow that is harsh, but everyone knows people in prison that have done things to children are not respected.
He deserved it. I love how the prison is like We're investigating. yea right they were eating popcorn watching as it happended. haha I would.

Webmiztris said...

ha! good for him! I bet he's going to be wearing a baseball cap every day for the rest of his life...lol

Babsbitchin said...

Canadianswiss, I'm glad to get this feedback. I can be harsh about some things and this is one of them. I can't stand it, the thought of a child being harmed. It's also a good idea, they have played with, the chip implant. I think it's an excellent idea

Babsbitchin said...

Ophelia, No, sexual predators are hated in the prison pop and often have to be put in SEG, a segregated Unit and often fear for their lives.They have cameras in every visible spot in almost every prison. I can't imagine that they did not know, after all, it would take several minutes to do that tattoo, don't you think? You damn right he deserved it and he should thank his lucky stars that he wasn't shanked, ya know? I fucking hate and despise Predators!

Babsbitchin said...

Webmiztris, I sure as fuck hope so. I'd love it, if they tattooed every Predator, right at the top of their hairline, there'd be no hiding it. I hope you're feeling better!!

Old Knudsen said...

Just execute them and be done, they won't change and can't be trusted around children so why risk them getting out early due to overcrowding good behavour or some stupid policy change? I just did a story on a guy sentenced to life for murder but got out in 16 years, he stayed good for 3 years and then killed a woman. Kill them and be done.

Babsbitchin said...

old knudsen, one of the highest recidivism rates, lies with them. I have to say, this is a rather frustrating situation and it's been my experience that they are rarely rehabilitated. Your method, just might save the people some money too!

Anonymous said...

I wish I believed in heaven and hell, but in the absence of faith I have to make do with revenge. Thus do I hope his life is long and that every day overflows with misery, humiliation, and suffering.

Good on you for spreading the word.