Jan 11, 2007

Movie Marathon #3

I thought I had downloaded "The Wicker Man," but it turns out, it was, "The Notebook." I had wanted to see the Notebook, some time ago and was unable to, as it had gone off the selections, on cable. It was actually a pleasant/dangerous mistake, when I started the movie and saw it had been labled wrong.
Oh shit, this movie really got to me. I felt so much, surprisingly. If you've not seen this movie, it is a must, a you can't die and not,you'll be better for it flick, that will make you think. Guys, if ya wanna get laid, rent this movie, she'll be looking at you and fall in love. She may not in the morn but you may get yours tonight. Gals, if you're gonna watch this one, you'd better wear the water-proof mascara and liner, like I always do. I cried and fought it terribly. Yes, it was all I could do to swallow and it left me thinking. It took me somewhere, a place I really did and didn't want to go. It made me feel something other than anger, which has been quite prevalent as of late.
I called my ex, waking him. He is in Hicktown, USA right now and they had just been hammered with snow. His power was out, so he'd gone to bed. I woke him, like a school girl, voice lowered, in little girl fashion and I told him I'd been crying. "You don't cry, what's up?," he asked. He'd not seen the movie, of course, cause he might just feel something but it's not his genre (where the fuck did this word come from? Is it French, Mickelino?)So, I went to bed, missing old love. I snapped out of it this morning thank God or I'd be on my way to the Trailer Park with my best stretch pants on this very day. Come to think of it, that movie may be dangerous. Be careful ladies, maybe you should watch it alone. It is one of the best I've seen though and I highly recommend it.

I'm into this "lay in bed and watch movies, kick." I downloaded Brokeback Mountain and a nestled in with my usual Iced Tea and Vodka mix. I got to the part where he receives a post card and mails one back and the frigin movie stopped. That's what you get for letting people play with equipment and trusting they'll copy a movie correctly. Fucksticks. BTW, "Fucksticks" is the new fiddlesticks. Up to that point, I was not impressed by the plot. The scenes were beautiful and I know it is a legendary first for the Gay & Lesbian Movement but that still didn't sell me. I'll have to try to download a full version today, so I can truly understand or see things in a complete light. I'm hoping I'll gather more from the rest than I have thus far. This was an important piece as it was kinda a first, on the widescreen, where the masses paid for a glimpse of a gay life, of real love found in the strangest places, right?


Webmiztris said...

me AND my husband laughed the Notebook! we both bawled!

and I liked Brokeback, but my husband thought it was slow and boring. you really didn't miss much.

Babsbitchin said...

webmistris, did you fall back, deep in love, for even one night, after watching? I pity the fucker who'd have watched that with me that night, lol!
Brokeback, hmmmmmmm, maybe I expected more? Sometimes, I do that to myself, ya know, get all hyped up and let down. Could be.

CanadianSwiss said...

I'll have to check out The Notebook, then. Brokeback was good, but I was expecting more as well after all the publicity it got.

Babsbitchin said...

canadianswiss, Yes, please do. You'll fall in love, hard, through the years love, all over again. I just loved it and it is worth going out of your way to see. I loved Fried Green Tomatoes too, you know going back and forth in time in the story, chock full.
Maybe, I was hyped on Brokeback too, expecting so much more. I did that to myself, always do. Kiss that X, will ya?

RICH said...

sorry - I dodn't see any of these movies.

frog with a blog said...

Yes genre is a French word that simply means 'kind/sort". It also means gender.
I was also disappointed when I saw Brokeback Mountain, although the sceneries were amazing and reminded me of my time in the Rockies, I still didn't feel for the characters.
I loved Fried Green Tomatoes though, Mary Louise Parker is so good in it. Have you noticed how she always dies in ALL her movies and makes us all cry?

Babsbitchin said...

Rich, it's time for a marathon for you too. You'll feel better for it. Now, take your medicine, lol!

Babsbitchin said...

Frog, thanks for the low down on "Genre." I probably larned that in school but I waqs very preoccupied with a boy named Keith Leatherwood during that time. Actually, I was head over heels for him and I'm lucky I remember anything from that time in my life. Love does have a way of preoccupying, does it not?
You're right, the landscape in that film was certainly breathtaking, I loved it. But, based on what I saw, it was not even a convincing plot. I was disappointed. I hope, since they've bridged that"Taboo Gap" we'll have better movies, better plots, right?
Kisses my Prince!