Jan 3, 2007


Would you say this with me, out loud...

I want original opinion please??? For fuck sakes, can I get some originality???

It is when you think you are a all knowing, all seeing individual, that things begin to unravel.

Every now and then I cruise the Internet Highway, especially blogs. I find more bullshit and know it all'ers, especially in the political arena than I can truly stand. I love it when they talk gibberish and try to put simple statements in a high content form. The use of vocabulary is abused like a new fish, their first night in prison. It's just ugly and borderline ridiculous. C'mon people, why can't you just be for real. Oh, you want to jump on the political bandwagon and be a
Malkin? At least Michelle is for real and has garnered respect in this so called blogosphere. It's really amusing to me how people form opinions. The process involved is actually a study in itself. Of course, we often judge a book by its cover, do we not? Most people who come to this page think I'm a complete imbecile. They're not far off but I do have an occasional serious side, when I'm not ranting about something.
Just for shits n giggles, let me show you something; We have become so full of shit and so loud and proud, especially because we now have bloggers, blogging their opinions, well it's worse than the porn industry and sometimes just as ugly.
We have become like a prison, it all echo, it's so loud you can not possibly form a wholehearted thought. Believe me, I tried. It is very d
ifficult to rationally think in prison. People do not shut up and there's noise and rambling from the time you wake up till the time you try to fall asleep. All the while it echoes in your head like a horror film scream.
I do not know it all and it is actually refreshing to admit that. There was a time when I did think and aspire to be so fucking intelligent. I wanted to hang with the big dogs of war and understand flanking and maneuvers, weakness and the lot. I studied man, in general, to infiltrate your psyche and understand your soft underbelly. I wanted to understand what makes people tick, especially those that had a sick tick, as in your serial killers, rapists and so on. Oh yea, I am an excellent Profiler. What spurs them, what is their cause and effect. You do realize there is an action for every action and reaction...cause and effect. The next time you form a thought pattern, follow it, literally and watch the path. One sets off another, then the stimuli may interrupt and it changes. But it is all cause and effect.
It is easier to be insane, is it not? Furthermore, there's no real responsibility or accountability if you say you do not know everything.
Who's in charge here? If it's you, it is not easy to wear that, is it? Hopefully, you do not abuse your power. It is the formidable years, the impressionable years that give people their opinions. Someone they respect says, "I fucking hate plain potato chips and anybody that eats them is a worthless communist," and wam bam thank ya ma'am, you've just now formed an opinion that really is not your own. I see this all the time. Some guy/gal who says they're an atheist, forms an opinion because somebody else had it and they followed suit. When in all reality, they haven't even read the Bible and couldn't form an opinion any more than they could write messages with a bowel movement. It's also the same with those in religion who are led around by a ring in their noses. They too have formed an opinion that really belongs to someone else. It's not an educated opinion but one that was spoon fed, from a sfork, no doubt. Oh but they hold on to that fucking opinion and will try to argue you into submission because their gullible asses have had it in their psyche for so long, it has formed a carbuncle with a candy coating that melts in your mouth not in your hands.

What is the point? I would like to think it is all about searching high and low for the truth in every respect before you really open your mouth and especially before you commit to paper or on the internet, an uneducated opinion.
Freedom of speech is a double edged sword, it cuts both ways, it is good and bad, it is innocent and it is as guilty as sin. Giving someone a platform to be heard, such as blogging, is also a double edged sword. It brings out the best and the absolute worst in humanity. Sometimes, we need to shut up and listen, do we not???


frog with a blog said...

Hurray, this is some good old Babs! The fierce bitch of Long Island has done it again! She's hit right where it hurts.
I couldn't agree with you more Babs. This blogosphere is full of self-absorbed wannabe politicians/philosophers who build a mountain out of a mole-hill. Isn't it fun to see that just because we get a few polite comments every now and then from people unknown to us, we then tend to get out of control and start taking ourselves really seriously!? I guess we all tend to fall in this trap as soon as we're given the chance to talk through a blog. But there are limits right?
There have always been dumb asses around the world but now that they can express themselves in writing, it somehow looks even more official and you're suddenly thinking: "Honey, not only couldn't you shut the f*** up but you also had to write your bull-shit down".
Don't you think there should be an extra icon on everyone's blog.
You know that icon that says "report content" at the top of blogs, well maybe there should be one next to it that says: "Cut the crap" (CTC) and if enough people press it then one and their blog get sent to a virtual prison and are sentenced to non-blogging periods for the sake of the internet.
Now I should go to bed.

Babsbitchin said...

Frog/Micke, I'm glad I'm not just being an asshole but others can see this. That's some funny but true shit and it would be a wonderful thing if there was a Blog Purgatory or Prison and if enough people said, "Whoa, hold up there asshole," they'd just have to take a look, a long hard look at their shit. Myself included, lol! I would love for a button, a "CTC," button. Life would then be worth living. Of course, I'd spend most of my time hitting that button and then they'd retaliate and it'd be button wars. Excellent idea, Micke, I think we should sign a petition and send it to blogger, whatcha think?
Big Kisses!!

Old Knudsen said...

How come I read the Frog's comment with a French accent? I love that profiling shit too, its amazing what you can learn from people and they don't even realise they are telling it to you, alot of people's writing comes from the back of their heads and they may leak out more than they would face to face. Ultra serious people disturb me and I stick into them sarcastic/annoying comments like a knife to get an emotional reaction, when you argue with idiots you become one, I'm an idiot but with the gift of passion that I give to you wanted or not.

Babsbitchin said...

Old Knudsen, that's funny Da, because Frog is French! He lives in Paris but spent a lot of time in America and has a very good handle on the language, actually better than some American's or English speaking people I know, lol!
Yes, Profiling. You must know what I'm referring to. I can often size someone up, upon meeting them and can often read them and who they are, what makes them tick AND how to get under their skin, if I choose to. Reading their shit, is an accessory they wear, w/o even realizing it. You can often tell what and who they are just by what concerns them, what their issues are and how they write. See, you like to stir the shit as much as I do. I am a bit more diplomatic maybe, most of the time, I think, than you. You may even pick a fight because it keeps your ass hairs up. It's like creating chaos to keep yourself awake in an otherwise boring world, right? Yes, passion is the key word here and you are full of it...passion that is, lol! But I do love and respect your style and aspire to be just like you, one day. I mean that in every sense of the word!

Old Knudsen said...

I've been to the Frog's blog I just think its funny I read it frenchie style. Please don't try to be like me, one of me is enough in this world.

Babsbitchin said...

Old Knudsen, yes, I read your posts with a Scots accent and often answer ya back with an Irish brogue, my Grandfather imparted upon me.
No, I realize there's only one you, which could never ever be duped or duplicated. But I do aspire to be a really professional keeler, really professional, just like you. Even if I kill them with words!