Jan 25, 2007

Stop in the Name of...

*Subject is know to be a cross dresser and may appear as either male or female!

NAME: Cory Michael Amoss

HGT: 5'9" WGT: 135

HAIR: Red EYES: Green

LKA: Gettysburg, PA

CRG: Bad Checks

I found this by accident, she/he had me fooled.

I've seen some cross dressers and drag queens, up close and personal and some of 'em put me to shame, even in my prime, my own son included!


Webmiztris said...

yikes! lol, I think he looks better as a woman. the big hair distracts you from looking at his face!

Babsbitchin said...

webmiztris, I must agree. You know some men just love us and love to wear the clothes, to emulate. Many are so lost, a woman in a man's body, ya know?

.Ophelia. said...

hahah i was thinking the same thing about the hair.

My girlfriends dad would wear he raunts undies and stuff. She is scarred over that one.

Babsbitchin said...

Opehlia, we all know a guy who just loves the feel of sick lacey panties against his tool. My ex did. oh shit, hahaha

Aiken4Clay said...

Cory is my stepson, it hursts to see what he has done to his life. Now he is on the run here in Pa. to avoid being arrested.

Babsbitchin said...

aiken4clay,I'm sorry to hear that. Sometimes they can be so mixed up, so jumbled. I hope he can find some peace with this and himself. Please keep me updated.
BTW, this was not by any means a derogatory post about your step-son. We're Gay family here.

Aiken4Clay said...

no problem on this end, we knew way before Cory came out that he was gay. The kid is so messed up, and his life isn't a bed of roses. We have a very bad history with cory. His father and I had a child together, and Cory got very jealous of him, and threatened to hurt my baby then 3 months old. Nevertheless he hasn't stepped foot in our door since then. It doesn't mean we don't love him, we just can't trust him around our son, this was 11 1/2 years ago.