Jan 16, 2007


Just a few Dirty Bitches and one wannabe but I give her credit

Amy Fisher

Did I ever tell you, last I knew, Amy Fischer, the "Long Island Lolita", lives here on my Island. She writes for the Long Island Press, a close knit newspaper here. If you want my opinion, I know you didn't ask but.... Joey was guilty as sin of talking that chick into what she did, just an opini
on. You know that fat ugly fucker was all into that young, supple ass and talked shit. He had her believing he'd be with her if it weren't for the Mrs. but he never believed, the shit she was talking about killing her was any more than talk. While he was getting one rubbed off and telling her what she needed to hear, in the heat of the nite, she was plotting the real rub off of his wife. He fueled an impressionable young girl with his lusty passion and never took her serious. Never underestimate some of us, we're way too serious. You can read about her, by clicking here and here.


Lorena Bobbit

I remember thinking, "poor Lorena." But I was also quite proud of her. I do not condone what she did, nor do I encourage women to do this but sometimes drastic situations call for drastic measures. I think he got her point, did he not? You all must remember the Bobbit story, right? I lived right there, in Manassass, at the time. I often went to the 7/11, and knew exactly where she threw the dick in the weeds. It was more like a worn path, leading to the store, surrounded by weeds. Stray dogs were often around and I always wondered if one found the "Nub" and wandered off with it, what would the Doctors have done. Doesn't look like much of a meal though, huh? Well, last I knew per my Intel, Lorena works at the Spotsylvania Mall in Virginia. She is a nail tech. Didn't John Bobbit go on to star in a porn with his nice little nub reattachment? After looking into it, yes John did star in two porns and has amassed quite a criminal record. Loser!
I always found it quite ironic that Lorena's last name was Bobbit, considering what she did. Here is the definition of or to bob something as in, she bobbed his dick;
v., bobbed, bob·bing, bobs. v.intr.

To fish with a bob.


To cut short or reshape: bobbed her hair; had his nose bobbed.

You can read about Lorena here and here.

Uncut; John Bobbit

John Wayne Bobbit "Still Penis"


Tammy Felbaum

I was locked up, for a minute, with Tammy Felbaum. Her cell was at the end of my hall. She pretty much stayed to herself. She seemed friendly enough, yet reclusive. She was Z-Coded, which means she must be housed in a single cell, by herself. I did not personally speak to her about it, the incident but was told, she'd told my celly, it
was all a horrible accident with tears in her eyes. I believe her but that doesn't make it right does it? I do feel for people who are trapped in a body, not of their design, principle or sexual preference, I really do. I felt bad for her and her story. This was not her first castration and it may very well have been successful but I do believe her husband, who wanted the castration, overdosed on pain pills. I imagine he was in a great deal of pain. It hurts me just to think about it.

Tammy Felbaum
as I knew her

Led into a Butler courtroom yesterday in shackles and wearing a netted mask so she couldn't spit at anyone, Tammy Felbaum directed her court-appointed attorney to "make it clear" to the media that "at no time did she intend to kill anyone," said Jon C. Botula, of Pittsburgh.

I'm more inclined to think this is a person who does what she says she's going to do:

Born a male named Thomas Wyda, Ms. Felbaum performed a self-castration about 20 years ago. Police said she performed the same procedure on her husband, who self-medicated with prescription narcotics then choked to death on his own vomit on Feb. 25, 2001.
You can read more on Tammy/Tommy Felbaum, here, here, here and here.

Need the proper castration equipment? This site offers that state of the art tool, you might need. They even offer free shipping. Does it get any better than that? Damn, people and their shit, never ceases to amaze me!!


Jagd Kunst said...

Nothing wrong with sisters doing it for themselves, as long as they do it properly.

Babsbitchin said...

jagd kunst, I know, I hate it sloppy, lol!

starlet said...

HA! You can find anything on the internet I love it!

Babsbitchin said...

starlet, I don't know about you but I'm addicted. Thanks for stopping by.

Old Knudsen said...

The last two days I've not been able to get on to the comments, so as I was just about to say...........I don't know, oh wouldn't it be crap if you were on a cop on the search for some guy's knob and found it? "I'm not picking that up, hey rookie whats this over here? his dick? well done put it in the bag".

Snooze said...

wow Babs - 6 degrees of separation. Cool notes on famous cases.

Babsbitchin said...

old knudsen, blogger can be an asshole, can't it? I've had trouble on everybody's blog, at one point or another, leaving comments. It's a fickle cunt, for sure!
You read my mind cause you know the only one who'd be in there to fetch it up would be a rookie. What if some bum thought it was a hot sausage, like they sell at 7-11? Eeeeeeeew!!

Babsbitchin said...

snooze, I never thought of it that way. You meet people in the funniest places. I was walking behind Gotti, in the grocery, about three months ago. He had on a sweat suit, walking around with three other guys, grocery shopping, believe it or not.

.Ophelia. said...

I liked this post alot. I forgot about Lorena and Amy. Amy was really justa child too. He played on that. I always tell my man friends that you dont want to dip in a virgin or anyone younger then the legal age limit. You have no idea what your getting into.
Young girls can be very obsessive and crazy.

Babsbitchin said...

Ophelia, ain't it the truth. I was 12 when I was taken, well gave it. But what the hell did I know? I was distraught when he was away to prison for drug charges. I really thought I loved him. But Amy Fisher only did what she was encouraged to do, I believe. I could be wrong but I seriously doubt it. Joey was a nasty ass and probably told her everything he could to get in her britches, right?

.Ophelia. said...

for real. He is a nasty man. And you know all he could get was a child too. God knows what he was saying to her. Its pretty sad.

Babsbitchin said...

Ophelia, it takes a woman who's realized she was just a girl, when she thought she was a woman, to see this, to know this. I've been there and I know what my mind set was. I thought I knew it all, too. But I sure didn't and for a lot of those guys, it was all conversation with their dick, not their heart. Catch my drift? So, I think and really believe that's what happened. She must've had to grow up quick, the hard way.