Jan 19, 2007

Village Idiot

I had to go to Long Island Jewish Hospital yesterday. Let's see what imbeciles call me, for naming an actual hospital name. I was called a racist for using the Jew word which I find ironic considering my parents are founders of a Jewish organization, I shall not name on this site. I also have published works with them, support them and so on. Anyway, every asshole imaginable was out last night. It was raining "slush" for a better word. I left at 3pm ish and did not get home till after 7pm. It was a grueling drive, not only because of the stop n go traffic but I have no tunes. Day before yesterday, I went out to go to work and my battery was deader than a door nail (what the hell does that mean?). I went to Pep boys and met a very sweet Hispanic guy, Bob (my new boyfriend/Latin Lover) and he put in a new battery. But you have to have a special code for the audio system if the battery has been disconnected. I have the code, somewhere, so I'm told and will have to take care of this, for sure, this weekend.
It was bad, really bad. All the way to the Doctors (I have to have surgery on Feb.2 to move the nerve in 2 places) and no music. This was really upsetting and I'm still laughing inside at the whole affair.
It doesn't get much worse than it was.
I do believe I sang every song on Patsy Cline's Greatest hits album, in order. I sang Barry Manilow and the Carpenters. I was singing some Bread tunes and I think I sang Midnite at the Oasis, 3 times.I did the song Masquerade complete with all the scat... bloo bloo bloo. I sang Carol King , Boys 2 Men and tried to sing some Heart, "Dog and Butterfly" but sadly couldn't remember all the words. It was a disgusting display of utter turmoil on the Northern Parkway. I had no choice in the song selection either and that just pissed me off, even more. I can't believe how much I rely on my system. I have to fix that before somebody gets hurt.

Speaking of getting hurt...
Cyndicate, if you read this, why don't you email me as I can't leave you a comment on your supposed Harlot site.
I do not need to blow my own horn here. I am who I am. Concerning my hair, what would you like me to do, just for you? Should I cut it all off and get some stylish bob to suit you or anybody else that just might think that when you reach a certain age you have to cut your hair off? Yes, I will be 48, next month and yes I will, woulda, shoulda, coulda, can and will kick your fucking chicklet teeth down your throat. If you think I can not, you are welcome to email me, I will give you my address and you are more than welcome to run your fat fuckin' mouth to me, face to face. But I guarantee, you will not walk away unscathed. Some of us talk shit, I believe you are one of them but I am not. What happened, did your vaginitis flare up, which flared up your syphilis causing your insanity?You think everybody is safe and civilized. I am not civil and if you would like a memorable moment in your history, even if it seems juvenile, I will make your life feel real for you. That's it and that's all. Now, suck my little dick Miss Burlesque queen. I bet you're the ugly bitch in the middle, wanna be superstar. You are disillusioned and rather disturbing. Go away!


Webmiztris said...

what? someone commented negatively regarding your hair? I swear the blogosphere consists of 85% douchebags. in real life, those people would never say a rude word to your face, but everyone feels so safe sitting at their computer like a bunch of pussies. fuck her! she's messin' with the wrong bitch! lmao

Babsbitchin said...

Webmiztris, this was her comment;

you are FAR too old to be acting like this... even for "old school" you would have been wayy to fuckin old! way way way to fuckin old.. jeesus christ do something with that hair and fuckin grow up

Boy she sure set me straight, huh? Sorry, if growing up means being an asshole with short blue permed hair, I guess I'm never growing up. And, and, and, if she thinks I can't rock n roll, she should try me on for size. I'm hoping she's from around here. I've never been smart enough to back down from any bitch let alone some fucking dudley do right blog critic. Fuck it. It's actually humorous, the more I think about it. I try to keep myself in check, look in the mirror, size myself up, ya know. I'm fine w/me, well, I could lose 15 lbs. but other than that, I am quite content being me. She can kiss a fat man's fart. Too fucking funny, these fucktards!

.Ophelia. said...

Webmiztris is right. I'm glad I haven't had any critics on my blog. But if I did i think it woud be fun arguing. I dunno. haha
And I like your hair damnit!

Im sure she is balding and sooooooo much more advanced then you in the department of "Life". For real babs. She's prolly rolled with HA and had to shoot a man point blank in the face, hardcore like.

haha grow up...right. Thats some serious shit talking babs. Seriously tell me when she stops by and we'll have some fun with her. She doesnt realize that I like to anal rape people that have big mouths. And my big 12 inch black cock is kinda lonely.

zomg I need help. hahaha

Cyndicate said...

lol ohhhh what a tuff talkin LOSER.. yeah you're soo hip rockin to bread and carole king! lmao... you suck! and forget about a smart looking bob.. how about running your fat arthritic fingers around a hairbrush for starts? and whoever heard of a latin lover named Bob... fucking pathetic..also, for my words not getting to you... you sure responded with old people fury in a hurry :) have a nice day.

Babsbitchin said...

Ophelia, bring on the "Big Blackie." It's time to tag team.

Babsbitchin said...

Cyndicate, afraid to leave a blog address, huh? You're welcome to come here any day and start the shit. It is apparent, you do not see the humor and irony in this. I do. If you think I am a loser, I could really give a flying fuck. You do not count in my world, ok? Now go fuck yourself. I knew you'd be back with your pious no count opinion. I am not trying to be hip, cool, with it or any of the above. I am who I am and quite content. Obviously, you are a poser who must go around putting people in their place. But you are transparent, all fucking day long. You are not capable of hurting me or putting me in my place. You can't touch me emotionally and I mean that. No tough talk, no bullshit, you can not hurt me. You are wasting yours and my time. So, without further comment;
Wenn Sie hier wären, würde ich Sie im Esel bumsen. Ich würde Sie mein Name schreien und dem Gott wünschen lassen, Sie waren tot. Sie sind ein kleines Mädchen in einer Welt einer Frau. gehen Sie jetzt Spiel mit sich selbst, bevor Sie verletzt werden.

Babsbitchin said...

cyndicate, one more thing. I am assured of myself, which you obviously are not. I can say or do whatever the fuck I want and am not concerned that I will or will not be cool. You however are a trapped little piece of shit, trying to prove a point of some standard of coolness. I do not need to be cool. I've got, had, shit, fucked and worn my props. I do not need you to validate me. And, if that's the best you can do, busting on my hair or a song list or even on or about a guy named Roberto who they call Bob, you are sadly mistaken. Stop wasting my time, please. Now, go enlighten the masses, all the mentally handicapped, fashion faus paux, fucked up people you can find. Put your cape on straight and do the dang thang.

Snooze said...

Cyndicate seems to be very upset that we are all avidly reading you even though you have long hair (or something like that. I'm really not sure what her issue is)

Webmiztris said...

omg, and she doesn't even leave a blog URL...what a chickenshit!

Babsbitchin said...

webmiztris, that's called a drive-by, I do believe? Hit n run, what a fucktard. I could go on and on about how I liked to beat them in to submission, scream my name whore but it just becomes frustrating. I tend to draw criticism by those that need to set me straight, put me in my place. I have to wonder if it's not a test to see if I can just blow it off. A true woman is assured in herself and does not have to prove a point when the point is self proven by not proving the point. I do believe this and often have to tell myself to slow my row and take a chill pill. Got any? hahaha!

Babsbitchin said...

webmiztris, hahaha, that was some pretty profound shit, I just spewed but it makes sense. Yes, it does;

A true woman is assured in herself and does not have to prove a point when the point is self proven by not proving the point.

PJ said...

I followed Dawn's blog over here because I was infuriated when she wrote about someone criticizing your hair and telling you to act your age. What the fuck does act your age mean anyway? God how I hate it when anyone says that—as though there is some holy book people are expected to study daily in order to properly conform to age expectations. Bah.

You just keep rockin', girl. You just keep wearing your hair however you want, and living your life however you want. You don't know me so you're probably wondering, "Who's this chick who's giving me advice?" but I wanted you to know that you're right, the anonymous criticizer is a yellow-bellied coward.

So there!

P.S. I'm older than you and I never plan to grow up. AND MY HAIR IS LONG TOO.

Babsbitchin said...

PJ, thanks so much for your support. I don't understand it either? Maybe, I'm supposed to have a short blue perm and go to the women's club to play bridge or something. I hope the fuck, somebody smothers my ass with a pillow, if I ever act like that, ya know? It's even further comforting to know that you're my age and feel the same way. Way to go, G-Friend. I'll be coming to visit, put on some tea and biscuits and we'll play knit or something, hahaha!!