Feb 24, 2007

The Big Question

Sometimes, I think that getting Internet and a computer, were my downfall. I swore it off for years, as I knew, I'd let go of life and stay on the computer. I know how obsessive I can be. When Atari came out, in the late 70's, I think, we had a butt load of games. I would sit up and play River Raid, Pac Man, Ms.Pac man and the likes till the middle of the night. I became addicted to it and would stay up, knowing that I had to get up in the morning, either for work or with the kids. Any way, I get a notion in my head or a question and I will research it and search for hours as if I am compelled. I heard an old song, probably the 80's disco era genre and I tried to find it. I thought Pia Zadora did it and I searched and searched. I don't even know the name of the damn song and I'm not even sure now, if it's Pia Zadora. All these years, I thought it was her but damned if I can find it and it's driving me crazier than I already am. I'm going to put some of the words to the song, on this post. If you know who did it, the name of the song and so on, I may be able to live another day. Otherwise, I may pay someone to smother me with a pillow.

The song starts off slow and drawn and then picks up, in a disco beat. It goes like this;

Come to me, when you're down and feeling blue

Come to me, when there's no one to turn to

Come to me, it is there? I'll keep you safe and warm

Come to me,....
(Begin Disco Beat...)


.Ophelia. said...

I dunno what song that is, but if you look up a part of the lyrics on google, and put lyrics at the end, a buncha stuff will pop up.
I always do that when Im trying to find songs.

p.s. Cyndicate your best friend in the whole blogging world forever and ever was at Starlets blog too.
Haven't seen him around in a while.

Babsbitchin said...

Opehlia, I'll have to check it out. I do remember saying something, a while back about "Oh, that hurt my nipples," or something stupid like that? Then, I got an anonymous comment saying "Nobody cares about your nasty nipples," or something retarded like that. It took me a while to figure out where it came from but I finally figured out that it was somebody from Starlet's blog. Of course, I don't hold that against her but now that explains it to me. I'll have to go check it out. Thanks for having my back. BTW, TMI but that's the one nice thing I have at 48, nice tits, hahahaha!!!

.Ophelia. said...


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