Feb 28, 2007

Billy Joel

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
I think this song came out in 1977. So, it's safe to say that I've heard it, probably, for 30 years now, right? But I really just heard it yesterday. I can't explain how you go all these years and never really, really listen to something that you hear, quite a lot.It could be these pain pills, I'm on, you know, that have me zoning. I mean I used to get stoned, years upon, years ago and I would just sit and listen to music. It sustained me. Well, music and M & M's, sustained me. But they worship Billy Joel, in his hometown, here on Long Island. Summer nights are filled with Billy Joel cover bands, at every Hampton's affair, he is their Golden Child, their speaker of truths and perspective.
So, every day, I hear at least one tune by him, on my radio station Walk 97.5
Is it possible, to just now hear something, to wake-up from a 30 year stumble? Billy Joel has been played on radio stations for more years, than some of you have lived. I think, quite often, we just took for granted, such talent. We expected it. Where the hell did all the talent go? Today's music is just spewed out and people just swallow it and mutter "OK?" Now, I'm not saying there's no talent today. A blank statement like that, would most certainly make me sound like the old fogy, I am. But a lot of it, leaves a lot to be desired.
I'm home from work, till today because of my surgery. So, I've been sitting around gobbling pain pills and listening to music. Right now, I'm debating what surgery, I could have next, so I can do this again!


Old Knudsen said...

Like mathematicians, musicians do their best work when they are young. I like the knew Avatar I remember when you posted it and thought you looked pretty when you smiled.

~Babsbitchin~ said...

old knudsen, I agree. I think when artists are hungry and haven't been handed things, they work harder. Many young people today, especially hip hop, white or black are handed shit. I don't understand it at all.
Thanks for the compliment, about the pic. It looks like I have a space between my teeth and I don't. So, I hesitated to post it. Vanity had struck again, lol!

B said...

awesome, i posted about that album recently too and included "Movin Out".


~Babsbitchin~ said...

B, I'm truly sorry I'd not seen your comment before. Technology seems to be on the fritz in my world. Billy Joel is really huge here on Long Island, his hometown. But it's odd to me that all of a sudden, I notice an age old song. I love his stuff and always have but somethings I guess you take for granted, right? Thanks and don't be a stranger, ok!