Feb 25, 2007

Bitchin Again

The Midwest was slammed with snow storms, a really bad one.
I spoke with my youngest, last night on the phone. He said "Ma it's snowing sideways here. Can you believe it's thundering and lightening too, in a snow storm? This is freaky." I asked him if he had any customers and he said, "just one." I asked him if he'd talked to his boss about closing early. He said he'd just got off the phone. His boss was at the boat. It is a floating Casino and his only question was, "Well, do you have electricity? Then, stay open."

Next thing ya know...Super Mom jumps out, ready to kick ass and take names. Able to leap over bullshit, in a single bound. No one is safe from the wrath of Mom(it's a true and proven fact).

As I'm talking to my son, I'm getting pissed at this greedy motherfucker, real pissed. I almost asked for his cell phone number and then it occurred to me that my son is a grown man and I gotta let it ride. I don't like it though, especially when you mess with mine.

See, this boss is a real egotistical asshole, for starters. My kid works 6 days a week, 12 hours a day for this guy, seriously. One day last week, my kid called me, all pissed off. He used to get headaches, when he was a kid and he had one now. He called his boss and asked if he could come in an hour late. His boss tells him, "Well, you're probably hungover. No!" He's worked there for months and has often had to come in on his one day off. I think he's loyal to his job and even to his employer. If nothing else, I taught my kids a good work ethic. I told them no matter what you do, from garbage man to whatever, do it well. You'll be able to rest at night and have a sense of pride, not false pride.

But this boss is an egotistical puke, who had shit handed to him and does nasty and mean shit to
MY son. Example; my kid does not get breaks. He runs the store by himself from 2pm to 2am. He never gets a lunch or dinner break. If he does eat something, it's a bag of chips or something in the convenience store/gas station . Every now and then, the boss comes in with a hamburger and he's appreciative. But he gets no relief. There have been times, when my kid called his boss and said,"Man, I gotta shit, two hours ago. Can you come in or can I close and lock the doors for a minute?" He's never allowed to lock the doors and the boss tells him he'll be there shortly. Almost like clockwork, Wam has to go around the same time, every night and goes through the same crap, every night just to take a crap; waiting, waiting, waiting.

Not long ago, he'd called his boss an hour before me and he'd still not shown up. Wam's steady bitchin to me, on the phone and he says, hold on, I'm sweating bullets here. Then, he's sick to his stomach. Next thing ya know, he says he's gotta hang up. He's gotta go outside, get some air before he passes out. Yes, he had to go that bad. Wam's Dad was there, to visit Waylon (Wam, btw) not too long ago. While there, Sonny went to the bosses house, after being invited, while Waylon worked, to hang out. At first, Sonny and the boss were pals. During that visit, when Sonny was at the bosses,Wam called and said he really needed to go to the bathroom bad, so the boss said he'd be there shortly. He and my ex jumped in the car and headed to the station. My ex tells me that the boss starts driving around, giving him a whole fucking tour, for 45 minutes to an hour, when Sonny finally said, "Hey Waylon's probably gonna shit himself and that'll be one big mess." The boss goes, "Oh yea," and heads for the station but not before he stopped at a restaurant and picked up a hamburger for himself.

Not long after that, my ex asked Wam to bring him home a couple packs of smokes and had given him the money when he left for work. So, he's got the smokes in hand and the boss says something to the effect of, I hope you're not stealing cigarettes from me for your Dad. Waylon told him he's paid for them and just so happened to have the receipt in his pocket to give to his Dad, along with the change. Wam made the mistake of telling his Dad. He went off and called him a sand n***** and was ready to go up and whip the bosses ass. Now, he'd had enough. He then told me and Waylon about, this "Osama bin Laden motherfucker," driving around, when he had to go to the bathroom so bad. He starts bitching that his kid works for an asshole who came to this country from Jordan and was handed two business's by "
OUR" government. All this, so he can treat people like n*****'s and go to the casino every other night and gamble the money. I had to talk him out of going to his house and righting America's wrong. He was going to kick his ass for posterity and everything holy. He was gonna stomp a mud hole in his, Cous Cous eatin' ass, the American way. He started in on the fact that he's a Muslim, towel head and most certainly a terrorist with Al Qaeda ties. He said that he probably only moved to that area, so he could be close enough to plant explosives in NYC and was probably in on 9/11 and it was his civic duty to fuck him up. I talked him out of it, of course, realizing that his Vietnam years were probably giving him flashbacks and Agent Orange does take it's toll on the American male psyche. It took some doing though.

He hadn't been a really good father and now, well, what better way to show your son you love him, than by kicking his bosses ass? He coulda, woulda and maybe shoulda done it but I now realize that WE can't act like WE used to and interfere.

Waylon's last boss, who was actually a childhood friend was a real dick too. Isn't it funny how money is the root of all evil? Wam was having seizures, we still don't know why. But they picked him up from the hospital, after he'd had a seizure in a customer's home. The lady took him to the hospital (a random act of kindness, I truly appreciate) He called Jamie, his boss, from the hospital, to pick him up. He sent him back out to sell magazines. I went the fuck off. I don't remember what I said, personally but I'm told that I stated that I was gonna cut Jamie's ass up and really hurt his feelings. I was a bit more graphic than that but I apparently said it with conviction. What's funny is Jamie's Mom and Dad had known me and Sonny, back in the day. They were there for a few of my episodes of my "misbehaving" years. Pulling a gun on somebody, cracking beer bottles over this guys head and one which I am truly famous for; I stabbed a chick in the back of the neck with the beer bottle I'd just broke over her head. Yea, I realize just how lame, vicious and wrong it was. She had to have 36 stitches in her head, inside and out. That was really fucked up of me. I could've gone to prison for that one, alone and it was wrong. But Jamie had heard about all this shit, his Dad was standing behind me, when I did what I did. Jamie didn't know that since prison, I'd reformed and no longer handle my self like that.

So, I really don't like it when I feel like my hands are tied and I have to allow the big bad world to have it's way with my family. Waylon laughed when it got back to him about what I'd said to Jamie but I don't think he'd much appreciate me stepping into this one. He's all grown up now and he's no punk. I shouldn't be treating him like he is. If he's got a beef with his boss, he's gotta man up and step it up, not step n fetch it. He knows that, I know that and now I'll just shut up.

That fuckin' Terrorist!
(I had to have...
The Last Word!)


Webmiztris said...

any guy who fucks with THAT has got to be an idiot!

Babsbitchin said...

Webmiztris, he is an idiot. Wam is so very even keeled, he fools people. It's all good till he goes to that point of no return. He's a good guy, one of the best I know in his age category. Of course, I'm trying not to be biased here, lol!

.Ophelia. said...

whoa, this is a long angry one. I'll come baclk to read it when Im not stoned :op

Butch@CCD said...

whoa babs, waylon is fuckin massive. what the fuck are you feeding him?

.Ophelia. said...

hahah what does he eat? ;o)
I love big men. Even if its not muscle. There is just something comforting and unsettling about so much mass. I love it!

Annnnyhow, he really needs to talk to his boss about adding an extra person on shift. What the man is doing is illegal. Thats all I will say for now. Until more shit starts happening.
Also there better not be some medical weirdness happening. I know if you hold urine you can get VERY sick.
Your son is like my husband. Fucking awesome guy, friend to everyone because he is just so darn cool. But you piss him off and he is a whole different person.
Im lucky enough to count on one hand how many times he's flipped on me. And I am a handful. We've known eachother almsot ten years. So that says alot.

I too am also one to call out the big guns. Im not against having someone strong arm a person to get a point across.
I know its bad but oh fucking well.

Mr. L said...

Um...geez, even when I was a kid, the owner of the store where I worked would leave me the key to lock up if I "had to go". I don't think anyone should need to ask - just go...and if the guy doesn't like it, tough.