Feb 18, 2007

Movie Marathon Weekend


I think I had to watch this movie, simply because I adored the show, as a child. Along with "Jeanie," American girls, aspired to be like them and of course, have their powers. Yes, I do believe Bewitched ushered in my interest in the occult and grasping a handle on the powers of the Dark Side. I don't want to like Will Farrel or Nicole Kidman. But I did like them in this part. A gentle mix of nostalgia from the original series is mixed in with the movie as they plot to remake Bewitched, with a revamped look. I was a bit disappointed on many levels but at the same time, had a thirst for more. I think I was let down because I did want more and didn't get it, if that makes sense? I would say I have mixed emotions on this. So, if you only have a couple of dollars for a Friday nite, buy a six-pack and a hamburger. Spend your money wisely and watch On Demand, instead of renting this. Now, if you have money to burn, enough for the six-pack, hamburger and Microwave popcorn, go ahead and rent it, just for shits n giggles. Make sense?
Shirley MacLaine was probably the best actor, along with Michael Caine in this. I craved more from them, even on a nostalgic level. Shirley MacLaine Beaty, along with her brother, Warren Beaty, grew up in the same area I did. As well, they both attended the same schools I attended, Washington & Lee and Stratford, in Arlington, Virginia. My Dad went to school with them. He did not really remember Shirley, she must've been a senior to his freshman or sophomore years. He did remember Warren and said that everybody, once they knew he had become a star, remembered him as a "Panty-Waist." My Dad was a greaser and I think Warren was not. You know how these things go?

The Wedding Planner
Most of you have probably seen this. As I've said before, I'm catching up on years of movies, after a Sabbatical, an almost 10 year hiatus. I enjoyed this movie but it was almost predictable. Watch it if you have no life. Just kidding. I'd watch Original Sin first, if you've not seen it.

Original Sin
I just adored this movie. I'm not a real big fan of Angeliana Jolie or Antonio Bandaras but this was an exception. I don' know what drew me in? Could it be a good scam and the seedy side of the movie, for which I gravitate or if I may have possibly have allowed myself to feel this movie about love, and it's multifaceted sides. I mean, I'm not too much in to love stories. That's a lie, I just don't like to cry it gives me a headache. But I was hoping for the love to get it's act together in this one. This is worth watching.


CanadianSwiss said...

Thanks for the tips, Babs. I saw "The Wedding Planner" and I wasn't really fascinated about it. Maybe it was, like you mentioned, too predictable.

Babsbitchin said...

CS, It was cute and all and a love story is something I enjoy. But I think it was what was expected for a happy ending? I'm not sure?