Feb 7, 2007

Real Food for Real People features Ophelia Mourne

Today, Real Food for Real People, features a delicious recipe from...

Ophelia Mourne

C'mon and submit a recipe. We are real partial to good ol' rib-stickin', down home comfort food. I was on a budget for more years than I care to admit. But friends and colleagues have been quoted as saying that, "Babs can make shit taste good." What a compliment, huh? What happened was using my noodle (bun pun intended) to sling that white trash hash into a palatable fore of smell and taste. You too, can take a simple thing and make it noteworthy. Take that box of Mac n Cheese and make a tuna or hamburger mix that will fill ya and the kids will love. Oh yea, we could talk about how to make a Salmon Omlete with capers, scallion, sour cream or Jerk Shark, as I have all this and more, tucked, till senility hits, safely in the very back of my brain. But I am real people and I want real food. Don't try to woo me with your fancy fodder. Been there done that, dined with Generals and as a Chef, I even presented the best looking Entree, this side of the Mississippi, to my very own sentencing judge. Well, it was before he sentenced me, of course, that fucker. The point is, I live in the real world, on a real budget. When I sit down to eat, I'm not playing. I want to know I ate well within my affordability factor.
So, if you have a recipe that will feed the masses, is thought provoking and innovative, I want you to submit it and share the wealth. Tell me how you made Sweet n Sour pork, by frying sliced Spam and then, pored pineapple on it, in juice pack, simmered it till it carmalized, served mac n cheese and a veggie and your family thought you were the Shit, Mom of the Century, Dad of the Decade and all was well in your world.
Take pride in you resourcefulness by submitting an unpretentious recipe. Give us, some of your "Lovin' from Your Oven." When you submit something, even a good idea, we'll put you on the sidebar. I want you all there.
Homework assignment; Send Babs & Chuck, a simple recipe and save the world. This is your mission. Get the picture?


Webmiztris said...

speaking recipes, my husband made a cute little search box for i-ERM that is perfect for putting in a sidebar (you can see an example on my sidebar). If you want to replace the i-ERM logo on your recipe blog with the search box, the code is here:


Thanks, babs!!

Chef Babs said...

Webmiztris, I'm coming over. Put on a pot of coffee and hide all your drugs. I am famous for scoping out the medicine cabinet!

Reluctant Nomad said...

I shall have to give this one some thought.

Babsbitchin said...

Nomad, oh please do. I'm excited to hear from you and equally anticipating that you may give me a recipe, please, please, pretty please?

.Ophelia. said...

I know, I should submit a couple more. Its just typing it out and actually thinking of one. Since most of the time I am throwing something togther literally. haha

Thanks for representin' Babsi :o)

Babsbitchin said...

Ophelia, I know exactly what you mean, I am always "winging it." I have so many recipes to put in there myself. I try to put it down as I do it now. But I cook very little now days, ya know?