Feb 17, 2007

Those Were The Days...

I'm stuck in the land of "Let's Remember." I woke up in the 70's again with this song in my head, "Spill the Wine". This may very well be a coping mechanism, as the music has always been what got me through, a less than luxurious life.I don't mind this one but I have woke, in torment from awful songs, that I don't consider something I like, like "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash. Shit like that can upset my whole day. I have the entire weekend off but don't you know my funky monkey ass woke up at 6:30am. There's no rest for the wicked, huh?
So, now, I have the 70's song station on the T.V. and Olivia Newton John, Have You Ever Been Mellow is on. Even in the 70's, I felt I should stab her in the eye with a #2 pencil, goody two-shoes bunch a shit. But I did love the 70's and it was probably the best time of my life. I'd already seen far too much, by the time I married my husband, at 16. It was the summer of 75 and even though I'd run away from home and had a Federal warrant for my arrest,For forging checks, hovering over my head, I was still having the time of my life. I went to Spring Break, in Ocean City, Md. and I'm quite sure it was there that I got pregnant. It was those two bottles of Boones Farms Apple wine, that probably made me susceptible to the pregnancy bug. I never touched that shit again, nor did I ever go to Spring Break.Back then, I was wearing bell bottomed jeans, baby doll tops or my favorite set of Angora crop sweaters and platform shoes. Those funky platforms were dangerous and I remember a car load of guys driving by, honking, as I walked across a parking lot. Next thing I knew, I was face first in the gravel. If you stepped on a rock, just right, you were fucked. I righted myself, Quickly,smiling like I had planned a Pratt fall but thank God, they'd gone past.
I ran away from home, March 5,1975 and within one week, I was working in a D.C. Bar called Clancy's, dancing topless. I'd seen my future husband around my school and around the Pagan Club house. We lifted weights together. I was told I was too over developed for a woman but Wayne loved my body. He was a huge man, 53inch chest/19 1/2 inch neck and he wore overalls and was often barefooted. I didn't notice him too much but I did notice his car. He drove a gold 64 Thunderbird. He was going to Vo-Tech, to be a Certified Mechanic. He had been in computer school, which was in it's infancy till he was busted with three trash bags full of pot and did time. He also, along with a whole troupe of Pagans, would frequent the bar, I worked at. I was only 16 years old but no one knew or cared. I hated that job but I couldn't get a regular job. I soon hooked up with Wayne, "The Executioner." It was then that we went to Spring Break. At the same time, Wayne talked me out of going back to the bar, which didn't take much convincing . He had me move in with him, our lil' Love Shack, an apartment we shared with a friend of his. It is there that I found out I was pregnant. I felt trapped. Wayne loved me and I loved him but it wasn't the kind of love, I thought I was supposed to have. He immediately asked me to marry him and his family began plans for the wedding. I had to contact my Dad and get permission. He cried but relented.
We got our own apartment with orange shag carpet and second hand furniture. It was in the black section, in Alexandria, Va. and I was never allowed to just go out. He puts the boots to my weight lifting, going out with girl friends and I was basically stuck in that little apt. with a black and white t.v. with a coat hanger antenna and I had my radio. I spent my days, singing and dancing around my apartment, while life went on around me. Once again, it was the music that got me through it all. Back then, I listened to WPGC out of D.C. and it played everything from John Denver to Allman Bros., Jackson Five to J.Geils. Of course, we had Kasey Kasin, doing the Top 100 songs, every weekend. Before I got married and settled down, for a moment, I'd gone to so many concerts. Now, I only watched them on T.V., on the shows Don Kirshners or Midnight Special with Wolfman Jack. Music has been and always be my saving grace.
Once my children came along, I shared it with them, this love for song and we danced and sang. The Pagans MC, can be a demanding group and my husband was often off on club business and I was left to my own devices. Music was all we had but...
it's all I've needed, all along.

This first song,"Reminincing" was "OUR" song. He knew, if he'd fucked up and he wanted to make up, all he had to do was plug this in and ask me to dance. It always worked.

These songs are not necessarily my favs but do take me back and on any given day, you'd here a line-up just like this, on your local radio station. Every concert you went to and it didn't matter where or who it was, some stoned immaculate dude would yell, "Hey, play Freebird, man" It's true.

This song was released in 1968 but was played, in constant rotation throughout the 70's. It is my Anthem

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I loved this man, took me way back and far out