Mar 9, 2007

I Coulda Been A Contender...Damn

So, first, I wanted to ask you guys if you were having problems on this page? I often get stuck and have to stop the script, if it prompts. If this is happening, somebody please tell me and I'll change the template. I love this template but I have no patience for bullshit and waiting. I can't stand it, when it takes half an hour for someone's page to load. I'll quit going there as I get too frustrated. Please let me know in a comment or an

Now, in further eventful news...
I received an email, while I was at work. Here it is or part of it...

Re:Hi Aunt B! We're starting a TV show about personal advice from Seniors!

Greetings Aunt B,

My name is Jorge Bernardo and I am a new producer on Retirement Living
Television ( ).

We are starting a new show about Wise Elders giving advice to folks 14-45 on
a range of life issues.

We are looking for two groups of people to appear on the show:

1) Wise Elders
2) Advice Seeking Younger Folks

It appears you may be able to help us...

Now see, this is the story of my frigin close, yet never there. They apologized and said they wanted to submit my material to their producer but they needed a Senior for the show.Talk about mixed emotions, like your mother-in-law going off a cliff in your new Ferrari, shit! I mean, hell, I'll get the tight blue perm and wear red lipstick, way up over my lip. I'll wear a MooMoo and gawdy jewelry. Damn, I'll even wear hush Puppies with my stockings rolled down for effect. Give me a cane and watch me stroll with that bitch, hahaha!

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