Mar 7, 2007


A serious question, posed to Heterosexuals...

If you were told, you needed to participate in treatment, to change your sexual preference, how many treatments or sessions would it take?

Think about this and gain some understanding; You are a man, who is attracted to women or you are a women, attracted to men, how would you go about, significantly changing, what is natural to you? Would it take once a week sessions with psychiatrist or psychoanalyst, in a treatment setting? Do you think it would take longer, more stringent sessions and a complete break down and build up, of your very wiring, your psyche, to acquire change? Could it truly, wholeheartedly, every be instituted?

If you had truly contemplated this issue, you would possibly gain some understanding of what it is to be homosexual and told, that you are wrong in your sexual preference. I firmly believe, that for the most part, your sexuality is a predisposition, a DNA destined lifestyle, urge, drawn to the same sex. It is as natural to a homosexual, this same sex preference, as it is breathing. It is as natural as a hetero, being drawn to the opposite sex.

They now understand, that addiction counseling, must cover all aspects of a persons life, looking at three things, three components that attribute to addiction, as a whole;

1. Predisposition

2. Environmental

3. Socio-cultural

I happen to be of the belief that these three components, may also play a role in homosexuality. Let me point out, that I do not see Homosexuality in the same light as Addiction. I believe Addiction is an illness with no known cure. Homosexuality is who you are, just as or like anybody else, how your brain is hardwired. I only use the complex graphic as an illustration, that it is more than just hedonistic behavior or a wrongful act that shows weakness on the part of the person, who out of the closet, stands firm and lives there life, true to their heart, true to their predisposition.
Really, who would choose to be gay, in a world, so mean and cruel and judgmental?
Somehow, I knew my son was gay, long before he ever, "Came Out." I knew when he was little, that he had some effeminate traits. I guess other people saw it too, as they cruelly taunted and teased him. It wasn't just the children or teenagers who were mean. I heard slurs from the Redneck review and other nasty white trash, who, set in the perspective, of homosexuality as simply a weakness. They then set about, trying to shame people into submitting to "their way, their beliefs."

Once, someone asked me, how I really felt about my sons own sexuality? They said, "If you could find a way to turn it off, would you?" I contemplated the whole thing and said no, I would never turn off his sexuality, even if I could. He is not a deviant. He is in a loving relationship, with a loving man. What could be better than that? He is loved. It is real nasty deviance, that gives homosexuality a bad name. But deviance in any form, is not good, now is it? But your right wingers,(Here's a Banshee Bitchslap for you RW's) may not wish to look at that, huh? Love is love, no matter what. I am glad to be the Mom of a gay son. By the way, I'm Bi. How do you think I get my perspective?


Lynn said...

If anyone tried to change my sexual orientation I would simply tell them to fuck off. Great post, Babs.

~Babsbitchin~ said...

Lynn, I'd tell 'em to fuck off too. People quite often think it's a choice but it's how you're hard wired, how you think and feel as long as you can remember. Thanks my friend!

Old Knudsen said...

This post is something to think about but I doubt most homophobes are capable of that thought process. excellent post.

~Babsbitchin~ said...

Old Knudsen, it is a shame, more people can't look at things realistically. The Sioux Indian valued their,"Winkte." They saw them as wise because they had a foot in both worlds, that of man and woman and were insightful. Thanks, Da!

Eyebee said...

I don't care what sexuality other people are. It's their business not mine. If I had a child that was gay, I'd just want them to be happy with themselves.