Mar 13, 2007

Stumble Upon

This picture has nothing to do with this post but WTF???

I went over to se7endog's blog, which is called evil se7en.
He is a guy, I highly respect in the Web Design field. He designed this Template, as well as Chuck's, along with many more over at Free Blogger Skins and Blogs Gone Wild.
Anywho, what, where or when, he had a really cool link on there, which I feel I just have to share with you. I checked it out myself and just love it. It's called
Stumble Upon. It's free and easy, just like me. It allows you to install a simple toolbar that has different buttons but a main button to stumble upoon blogs of your preference. it gives you a vast array of genre to pick from and when you click the button, it takes you to a new website. So far, I've been super impressed with these websites. They are not just run of the mill blogs or something of that caliber. It is actual websites tailored to your interests. It is worth checking out. In my last post, I gave you links to two different sites, I found from stumbling upon them. (I am good at stumbling, I have it down to a forgotten art). They were nothing great but entertaining. When you are bored outa your gourd, this is most certainly fun. It also allows you to blog and save your favorites. Give it a whirl, I think you'll think it's the coolest thing since sliced bread, which by the way, the guy who invented sliced bread, took 16 years to develop, the technique you enjoy, every single damn day. I know, I am sickening with my factoids but I just love to tell people about why our Ozone Layer is being affected by Cow Farts. Yes, cow farts. They say these bovines exude methane gas on the average of 600+ times an hour. This gas, from the bovine fodder eaten and poofed out, gone with the wind, is actually affecting our Ozone. Now, I've held this knowledge for many years, memorizing the masses at many dinner parties across the world, well in three states, anyway. Well a couple of times but they really love my stories and are baffled with my bullshit. I know, it's hard to hate a woman of my caliber, huh?


webmiztris said...

I've been using StumbleUpon since I read about it at his blog's freaking addictive!!

~Babsbitchin~ said...

Webmiztris, it is pretty frigin cool. Some of those other click n go sites, like Best Blogs, etc. show you a lot of shit blogs, before you find something interesting. These are some pretty good websites. I may have to quit one of my jobs so I can just sit home and Stumble around, lol!

It's Me, Maven... said...

Love that picture. Seen it before, but my-oh-my what a lump of jacked-uppedness it is:)

~Babsbitchin~ said...

Maven, I just have one question; WTF happened?