Apr 20, 2007

Be Back...Gotta Puke

So, I moved Ask Aunt B to Wordpress too, double exposure, right? I don't know everything, like I like to pretend, ya know? So, I was looking at the help section and came across Lorelle's blog. They offer this as the quintessential help desk. I was trying to figure out, how to change, under my title header or rather how to remove the words, "Just Another Wordpress Blog." I got completely sidetracked and began to read Lorelle's take on comments and her tell all as to how others feel about commenting. She was saying how idiotic it is to sign your name after you've written a comment and so on. The title of the post is,"If You Sign Your Blog Comments, You Are A Dork." I just so happen to feel, if you make a statement like that...you are not only a dork but a pompous ass. If you are such literary genius, why are you not writing for a major magazine or newspaper, hell a T.V. show even? I really get disgusted with this bullshit, this blogging etiquette and I especially have an aversion for people who make fun of others because their use of the English language is sub standard to theirs. I see this, a lot on forums and such, where people will just rip the guy a new asshole, because he spelled something wrong. Why do people feel the need to make a person feel like shit? This kind of mentality is similar to those blog critiques, just like that Trainwrecks site, which by the way, no longer exists. TW was so quick to point the finger. They called me and Bitchin & Stuff a semi-illiterate, racist with a terrible blog design, yada yada, yada. Who the fuck are you and who died and left your high n mighty ass, in charge?
Leave people alone. Some of us are in it for the fun of it. We do not feel the need to say, "Hey, look at me, I'm special. Look how well, I can leave comments and just how witty, I am. Don't you wish, you were me?" Not on your ever fucking life.

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