Apr 23, 2007

Crimson Stain; The Ed Gingerich Story

This guy, Gingerich, did 5 years, five friggin' years and he killed his wife and dismembered her. I had one bud of pot in my purse and did 3 1/2 years, incarcerated and 5 total years of Parole. I can't believe it. Meadville, is located about a half hour from where I used to live, in Pa. He was recently arrested;

A 17-year-old Amish girl seized last week in Crawford County by her father, who spent five years in prison for killing his wife, was found unharmed yesterday.

After several days of searching, state police from Meadville found Mary Gingerich in McKean County.

Her father, Edward Gingerich, 42, was arrested and faces charges of concealing his daughter's whereabouts.

The book, "Crimson Stain," tells the story of Ed Gingerich
On Thursday March 18, 1993, a Pennsylvania Amish man named Edward Gingerich murdered his wife Katie as their children looked on in horror. The brutality of the crime shocked the Amish community and the nation. Who was Edward Gingerich? What was he? And how would the Amish community deal with his crime? This story is a true account of the only Amish man in history ever to be convicted of homicide. Here's an excerpt from this story, which you can read by clicking the button;
He then lifted up his right foot and stomped it down on Katie�s face as hard as he could. Blood splattered all over the room and Ed only paused momentarily before dropping back down and resuming the blows to her face. Danny lunged at Ed and knocked him off of Katie. The two men wrestled on the floor briefly before they both jumped up... The right side of Katie�s face had caved in and her brains began to spill out onto the floor. After a few minutes, Ed dropped to his knees and undressed Katie�s body. Once all of her clothes were removed, he took a steak knife from the kitchen drawer and used it to make a seven-inch incision in her lower abdomen. Through the incision, Ed reached his hand up inside Katie�s body cavity, and removed her lungs, kidneys, stomach, liver, spleen, bladder, uterus and heart. He stacked all of her organs in a pile next to her body, and stuck the knife into the top of them.


J.P. said...

Umm...I think he was angry about something. (Sorry, Bush is possessing my brain today - therefore I must state the obvious.)

Reluctant Nomad said...

What is it about the US and its attitude towards marijuana? So many people smoke it, it's relatively harmless yet the US treats it as you would the spawn of the Devil.

~Babsbitchin~ said...

J.P., yes, I think I would have recommended "Anger Management." lol!
Damn, that Bush in the brain syndrome. I've seen it before!

~Babsbitchin~ said...

Nomad, don't I know it. They charged me with Possession w/ Intent believe it or not!