Apr 14, 2007


The other night, I watched Elton John's 60th Birthday Bash. It was beyond entertaining. In my "late" years, I have often had an epiphany concerning music. Sometimes, we take it for granted cause it's just there and we don't bother to even know the words or the magic it possesses. For example, the song, Benny & the Jets. I really never knew all the words but attempted to sing along with it, all these years. I've done it on countless songs. That song, transports me to a time, when I was still a little innocent. It was a time of passing notes and sleepovers, bell-bottoms and boys. And I'd do anything to go back, even for a day.
Back in the day, before Internet and all these T.V. shows, you hardly knew what the entertainer looked like, as most times, the album art was just that and not a portrait. Since then, my youth gone by, I find myself, revisiting my past with music. See, when you get my age, that's what you do, start remembering better days and better lays and the good music that went with it. The first time I can recall,
Rod Stewart's, "Maggie May," I can distinctly remember being in the bed of one Stanley Leach. I was 13 and it was on the radio whilst we shagged merrily along. I was having fun, it was a bright and sunny day and my breasts were still perky. Yes lord, I remember.

This is hilarious and it's worth watching!

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