Apr 12, 2007

HNT Ramblings

Lil' Sister's Got Legs!

Look At Little Sister

I went to an appointment in Hauppauge, today. It was raining so hard. The Office building, I'd gone to and was at for about an hour, had no heat. They were working on it. In the meantime, I think I left my nipples on the floor, somewhere in that building. They froze the fuck off. I ran to my car, as I was leaving, not even thinking about using the remote start. It was even colder in the car of course. It's just one of those days, good only for staying under the blankets and watching old flix or having sex to the max, maybe watching some XXX. It's only good for ex's and if he was here, I'd bone him just to get warm, fuck me running!
So, I'm driving home freezing my ass off and I hit every red light, the whole way. Maybe I was just impatient but I began to think about the whole red light program. Now, the town I had to drive through to get home, is 4 lanes, two in each direction and very narrow. There's constantly somebody turning as it's a whole strip of stores and plaza's. They have a traffic light about every 50 feet. You get through one and then have to stop. You get going and have to stop at the very next one, just a few short feet away. What fuckin' bozo brainless old stoner designed this? It's not just this town, it's everywhere, at least across the Eastern Seaboard. Is there a prerequisite that to be a Traffic Light Engineer Programmer you have to have burned all your brain cells back in the 70's smokin' a bong with wine in it and ice cubes? Do they all have to have dropped so many hits of acid, seen so many trails from it and be able to describe it all, to get the job? I mean really, I do not understand the whole concept. How is it, that I am able to see this and nobody else? For real? Why don't they have the whole strip go at once and then they all turn red to let the opposing traffic go. Then, they all turn green again for the length of the strip? All that stop and go not only eats your ass up and makes people become Road Ragin, killin' machines but it burns up gas. It's not good for your car and makes no sense. Now, I don't aspire to be genius so, maybe one of you geniuses can explain, why it's as it is?

I walked in the door, put on some espresso and turn on the radio. The Announcer says, "That's right, we're having our annual," Mastectomy's Sale," and they go on about all the good deals you'll get when you go there to buy natural feel inserts and you can get fitted for the new Naturalizer Bra, which looks and feels real. I wonder if they sell new nipples...
Then, I heard this song on the radio. For a long time, years ago, when it first came out, I would have swore he was singing, "Yaba daba doo." Actually, he was saying, "I would die for you." It takes a big butt woman, to admit when she's been a dumbass, huh?

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