Apr 22, 2007


From Bitchin & Stuff



I got off the bike and walked in to the bar, trying to fix my hair and make sure their were no bugs in my teeth. It was a warm Saturday afternoon but I had on my chaps over a pair of daisy dukes, a leather vest and black logging boots. I did a double shot of Black Velvet and ordered another. I'd walked in to the bar by myself as my old man went in to the bar next door to see a man about a gun he was buying. I mingled over to the friends who'd called at me when I first got there but I was on a mission and needed to down some liquor first. The bar was pretty full for a Saturday afternoon and before I even sat down at the table with a bunch of other Club members, the bartender had brought me another shot from some guy. I asked him who bought me the shot and he said, that black fellow over there. I downed the shot and walked over to thank the guy. I could tell he was with a whole group of black guys who were playing pool. I extended my hand to shake his with a firm grip and say thanks and he pulled me close and whispered in my ear,"Baby you are fat." I pushed him back away from me and started yelling at him,"Fuck you motherfucker, fuck you mother fucker...," I went the fuck off.I've always been a healthy girl but never fat and I ain't letting anyone call me shit in my ear. By this time my old man and all the guys from the bar next door had walked through the door and see me going off. When I pushed him again, his buddies jumped in and were telling me to chill and that's when all the guys came over and and told the whole group of 'em to leave. They were clearly outnumbered by our guys but they stood their ground. Then,our Sgt. At Arms grabbed the guy who'd been hassling me and began to escort him out and they started a shoving match, one by one till they had them at the door. The guy who had bought me the drink as he's being shoved out the door is yelling,"I told her she was Phat, P,H,A,T." He kept saying it the whole way out the door. I was yelling,"Yea, motherfucker and ya can't spell either, can you." A couple of them got roughed up outside and they were yelling back and forth.Our Sgt. was yelling that he shouldn't even address the Chapter President's ol' lady, I don't give a fuck if you were trying to compliment her, now get the fuck outa here. They left and I'd started another international incident. Who knew that being called PHAT was a compliment?


Webmiztris said...

lmao! I never understood the reason for creating a word like "phat". I mean what's wrong with "fine"? or I guess "phine" would work...lol

~Babsbitchin~ said...

Webmiztris, I'm glad I'm not the only one, who questions this. Funny though, huh?