Apr 8, 2007

Ralph "Bucky" Phillips Interview

I had posted last summer, here, all about N.Y.'s biggest manhunt to date, which was happening right in my own sons backyard, an area I used to call home. Jamestown, N.Y. is nestled South of Buffalo and prides itself as the home of Lucille Ball with the official museum to honor her. It's an easy going area of simple people and simple lifestyles. A town full of churches and a bar on every corner, you were certain to be able to go out, eat 15 cent Buffalo Chicken Wings and have a $1 draft and virtually crawl from bar to bar. Come Sunday, you'd crawl into church, hungover and pray for atonement. The winters are hard but the summers, easy and cool.
Ralph "Bucky" Phillips, changed life as they knew it, when he broke out of Alden State Correctional Facility, launching a crime spree and subsequent manhunt leaving 3 State Troopers shot, one of which succumbed to his injuries. He received Life for that crime spree and from Prison gave a rather interesting interview where he states, concerning his time on the run, "I enjoyed those few months more than I’ve enjoyed any other time in my life." Go here to read it!

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