Apr 14, 2007

The Riches

If you've been watching "The Riches," and have not watched this weeks episode, you may not want to watch this.
I do not like to get involved, with programs, because then I am committed to it and must watch it. It's the same with those damn soap opera's. I've committed heinous acts, to hurry and get home to watch, "Days of Our Lives," years upon, years ago. My addiction, was getting out of hand and I had to cut it out like a bad cancer. But I must watch "The Shield." I haven't watched a cop show, religiously, since Hill Street Blues. But I'll say this, The Shield is about as close, to the real deal, as it gets. People, are not aware, of the inner mechanics, of their very own, Drug Task Force and the willingness, that is there, to walk that gray line between right and wrong, to get a conviction. I shall say no more but it is very realistic.
Back to The Riches...I love this show and watched a Marathon last night. I had missed the Monday night episode and stayed up till 2am, watching them all. The video below, is a scene from the show and I feel so lucky, for finding it, just to share it with you. Minnie Driver is in this scene, doesn't know shit about her new job, as a Dental Hygienist but she's Queen of Con. This shit was so funny, I had tears in my eyes. Watch it, oh shit, it's funny!


just me said...
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se7en said...

yeah, I've caught a few episodes of that show too, I really liked it! They're so sneaky and devious and fun!

That was me on the previous comment, I forgot I was logged into a customers Blogger account LOL I had been delivering a new template design.

Babsbitchin said...

se7en, I just love a good scam, it's in my nature, even if I try to
behave ...NOW! This goody two-shoes shits for the birds. Soooooo, I gotta live it through this show, lol!

JerseyTjej said...

We don't have this here!!!
I tried to download but it knew I was out of the country and blocked me! DAMN IT!!!
I love the Shield, Vic Mackey can do no wrong...I have not seen anything since Shane borrowed MoneyTrain money and started spending it...Hook a sistah up!?

Babsbitchin said...

jersey, I've got the new shows DVR'd. If I could think of a way to get it to you, girrrrrrrl, I would. You'd laugh your ass off at the Riches and it'd blow your mind on the Shield. Forest Whitaker was on till they took him down. Damn it was intense. If you know a way, just say the word!
Did you try to download it from Limewire?