May 24, 2007

AM Stumble

This SOB can do shit you won't believe. It's like the Ninja Warrior games.Click here

Next, these bikes are cool as shit. I do have my preference and a Harley between my legs makes me hot but these are pretty cool.

Then, check out these fake brand names, those Chinese are selling.


Vagina Dentata said...

".....Harley between my legs makes...."

Careful young lady,
The following quote comes from a London, England newspaper article which was lamenting the unfortunate introduction of the 'bicycle' for women. Mind, Victoria Regina was on the British throne and the Wright brothers were still shitting mustard.

"....the vibration will most certainly cause the ruination of the organs of matrimonial necessity. ..."

Didn't hurt me none.

PS Today is Victoria Regina's birthday. She is 188 years young.

DirtyBitchSociety said...

VD, well bless her heart. I think it was the rumble that reminded me of my back massager, you know the kind that dimmed the lights when you turned it on? I've never been the same since. Where'd I put that damn thing...

Vagina Dentata said...

Dimmed the lights?


As I developed carnal knowledge of my 'Special Purpose' I lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
The electricity for said location being had from the hydroelectric generators connectred to Niagara Falls.

My 'massager' would actually affect and effect the flow of the Falls when I 'kicked it'!

Note my new blog URL and avatar. I decided I didn't like being an Aquarian. Gemini now.

brotherray said...

VD, it still has teeth! But I do likes it.