May 27, 2007

Left to Right Swing Your Partner Doosie-Doe

Brain Switching

How quickly does your brain switch from left to right? Now you can find out. Go to the link below and take the test. You need someone to keep an eye on the time for you.

Take the test

Then follow these modified instructions:

Get a pen and paper

Get a friend to time the test for 30 seconds.

When your friend says go, concentrate on the top left yellow dot. As you stare at this dot, the other dots will begin to disappear. Each time all three dots re-appear, tick the paper.

Your friend should call stop after 30 seconds.


If you scored between 4 and 6, your brain switch rate is average.

If you scored more than 6, your brains switch rate is fast, like a dancer.

If you scored less than 4, your brain switch rate is slow, like a mathematicians.

The article

I stole this, fair n square from Mick's Blog


~Babsbitchin~ said...

It's a test ya dirty bitch

Xmichra said...

i scored an 8 :)