May 7, 2007

Dr.William Hurwitz

Some of us have real pain. Some are con artists and want to party. Those of us with real documented pain, pay for those party animals and greedy bastards who want to make a buck off someones soft underside, their addictions. Those that are the bad apples, might even profit from that pain. It's a sad state of affairs. Then you have situations, such as the conviction of...
Dr.William Hurwitz. I think the Doctor let down his guard. I do not believe he wrote prescriptions for any other reason than to help his pain patients.Read here. But theirs always a con in the mix and you must be mindful. Unfortunately, the dear Doctor will pay for this over sight, as far as I'm concerned, unfairly. You be the judge.

But this is entertaining and informative. Kids, pay close attention cause these are the mean streets.

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