May 11, 2007

Mindless Meanderings

I had some nice legs back in the day. Another favorite pair of shoes, good for cutting a rug.

I really want this chair. If it had a sliding trap door to a toilet, I would not have to leave it.

I was feeling pretty funky earlier. I am in the middle of signing two, count it, two, life changing contracts. So, I get a little shitty but when I hear or read something funny, I usually write it down, it makes me possibly forget how fuckin' miserable I can be. Yes, the most positive person, Mz.Babz can be such a dick but I do have a sweet funny side. Yes, would you like to buy me a drink?

So, I was laying in bed last night, like Jaba the Hut or a fat dog, eating cheesecake, in a scientific effort to make my ass grow so big, they'll give me a super sized Lark, motorized wheelchair with racing stripes. It does get chaffed when I have to drag it around and that just costs too much, you know having to buy new underwear every other day.

So, I was watching Scrubs and the Chief of Medicine is going off. He's the older guy, top right in the photo. He says, "I'll put my loafer so far up your ass, the tassels will be hanging out your nose!"
I lost it.

Now, here's a picture of Wam, my youngest sons newest tattoo. He's an Aries and I think it's pretty cool not to mention a one armed guy did the tattoo. That's something to tell your grandkids, right?

I'm not so sure I wish death to Paris but what's fascinating here is just how young they were. It's just unbelievable...


dee said...

haha that was funny.. I'm a huge Scrubs fan. No matter how many times I watch the same espisode, I still laugh!

~Babsbitchin~ said...

dee, it's retarded yet I find myself watching it all the time. Says a lot about me, huh, lol?