May 21, 2007

New Blog

I had a spare minute, so what'd I do? I went and started or revamped a defunct blog of a friend. He didn't want it and I stole it fair and square. Yes bitches, I got it all.
It is not pretty. Yes, I will post the nastiest side of me. You can take a bitch off the street but ya can't take the street off a Bitch. Sorry. Do not go there if your feelings are easily hurt. Do not go there, if you are a prude and if you can't hang on the corner of that street with me, get the fuck out. Welcome...

Dirty Bitch Society


Paula said...

Cool-looking site! I'll listen to the music later. ;)

BitchSociety said...

Paula, I'll be adding you, if that's ok. I think you got what it takes.