Jun 20, 2007

AM Stumble

Whoever did this Beatles psychedelic thingy, put a lot of effort. Damn, anybody got any acid or 'shrooms? I wanna watch this jacked up. Click Here

Interview With an Honest Boss

Pretty weird...Jesus Freak car. I think Jesus might tell him to get a grip?
Click Here

The origin of Band names

Holy Crapola
holy shit

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Xmichra said...

LOL.. barbie chicken.. hehe...

and WOW, that guy was lucky he didn't slide all the way down that big freaking hill. Talk about dodging death.

~Babsbitchin~ said...

Xmichra, BBQ Barbie, it looks weird, huh? Yea, I watched that shit, holding my breath. You will not get my ass in the truck w/him. Nope!

AZCG said...

Who would have guessed that between orgies and trashing rooms band members read enough books to come up with their band's names!

DirtyBitchSociety said...

AZCG, I know, so methodical, right?