Jun 20, 2007

Todd Rundgren/Liars

This album kicks ass. It's got a jazzy flair. Then it's got a Nine Inch Nails flair. Next thing ya know, it a Tantric Sex sound. Before you're done, you've got some good ol' R & B. Damn, this was too good.
You can listen here

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Jonathan said...

I dunno about NiN, Babs. I mean, I don't look at Todd Rundgren and think "I wanna f##k you like an animal!" LOL!

Babs Bitchin said...

Jonathan, I swear I was looking for a good recording of that on YouTube. It's how I feel right now. But let me tell you, when I like something I go all the way...obsession. So, I researched it and listened to the album today, as I was home. I was really surprised. he's not known for reasonable stuff, in todays world but he's so talented it's sick. Not to mention the 20 some top albums he produced. My new obsession, well other than you darlin'!