Jul 13, 2007

Long Island Headhunters Sport Fishing

I live two miles away from Long Island Sound. This is a video, I was sent last night. It is filmed by a really cute Italian guy by the name of Tom Santo. Girls, he's to die for and if I was younger...he'd be in serious trouble.
These are the Headhunters of Ajilon. Apparently, they'd not been able to film, after they'd caught the 400+ pound White Shark, as they were too busy with the fight, grappling hooks and so on. You see the Great White, in the first part of the video.
A glimpse into the leisure time of L.I. and NYC Headhunters, this is a cool ass video. The good looking guy, you see that catches the shark, at the end, is none other than my Lil Sisters sweetheart, the guy who reeled her in, just like he did that shark. Same smile, same technique!

Now, while we're on the subject of man over beast, this is a turn and spin on that. This fella, wasn't so lucky. pretty shocking. Click Here


clyde said...

babs, verizon bounced. sent e to aunt b at gmail. e me, darling.

~Babsbitchin~ said...

clyde, I'm on it pronto