Jul 4, 2007

Running with Hedge Clippers

Do you remember when Trainwrecks was all over my ass, on my Bitchin & Stuff and my Babs Bitchin blog? Heaven Nose, pretty much ran them out of business and now that blog is one for the history books. Yes, kids, those were amusing times. They ripped those frigin posers a new asshole and I loved every minute.

They'd torn Violent Acres a new asshole too. I remembered the name but had not read the blog. I stumbled upon this post about
buying Nyquil and found it was hilarious. Anyway, I did find it rather amusing and it does make you think, what would happen if you tried to buy 25 bottles of Nyquil? Because they are making it hard for the manufacture of Meth, they've put it all behind the counter. I find this rather amusing as I was once dared, to obtain, steal, 25 of those Benzo inhalers cause they were making bath tub crank. I did it.


.Ophelia. said...

its pretty crazy when you think of all the stuff they use to make those types of drugs. blech.

Babs Bitchin said...

Ophelia, I know it's crazy. Nope, I'll stick with the naturals.

Webmiztris said...

I heart NyQuil. It's the only cold medication I use at night. Because it WORKS.

Babs Bitchin said...

Webmiztris, I like Nyquil and Theraflu but hate the reason behind it. Before I left the 'Burgh, I was offered a study. They would give you a cold, study you for 8 days, put you up in a Hotel w/entertainment and your food. They'd also pay you $1,500. They couldn't use me because I have Hep C. I was pleasantly relieved.