Jul 3, 2007


I need a laugh, some kinda bad. This was kinda cute but I think I'm more in the mood for darker humor. This is Will Ferrel and his daughter, Pearl in Bad Cop. Click Here

You must read these. It'll make you feel smarter than the average bear! Click Here


Xmichra said...

I can't stand Will ferrel, and this is just another reason why. Sorry hun. But if makes you laugh, then i guess it has it's purpose :)

And OH MY GODS. Some people are really bright huh??? Personally I think Maryahs was the worst of the bunch. There's stupid, and then there is down right ignorant.

AZCG said...

I'm with Xmichra, I can't stand Will Ferrel, but Pearl is way cute!

As for the stupid quotes, when someone sticks a microphone in my face and says "do you have an opinion" I put my head down and scurry off mumbling "no" because I can't think on my feet. I would probably come up with something stupid like they did.

~Babsbitchin~ said...

Xmichra, some of his stuff is funny and some is down right stupid. I can see that. I did laugh at The landlord but this one wasn't that funny. Yes, to each his own, right?

Those quotes, just tore me up. It sure made me feel a bit sorry for them. Money can't buy brains, can it?

~Babsbitchin~ said...

AZCG, I guess people either love him or hate him? As I told X, some stuff is funny while some is totally retarded.

I think you're right, if I have a mic shoved in my ass, I'm sure I can't play Dixie every time, right? hahaha!