Aug 4, 2007

Becky the Prankster

If you're in the mood for cute, listen to these...

Little Becky Barry Prank Calls from Dublin

Rebecca Barry - Little BeckyThese prank phone calls were made by an eight year old girl from Dublin, Ireland. They were set up by one of the funniest radio shows in the world at 98FM in Dublin. Rebecca Barry is a huge hit in Ireland now and will be a hit in America before long. Enjoy these prank phone calls from Little Becky. I love her accent. I think that's what makes the calls so great. I've now decided that I'm teaching my kids to speak like a Dubliner.

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Little Irish Becky Prank Calls

Click to Listen to each funny phone call

Little Becky Calls the Zoo and Ask to Buy and Elephant

Little Becky Tries to Sell Her Mom's Spare Tire

Becky Plays a Phone Call Joke on a Comedian

Becky Tries to Do Something About Her Lazy Father

Little Becky Tries to Get on Big Brother

Best Little Becky Phone Call Ever

Becky calls a demolition company and tries to get them to destroy her school. This is by far the best prank phone call yet.

These worm things are creepy. Check it out. Click Here.


Eyebee said...

These are a real hoot.

Haddock said...

The demolition one is bloody fantastic - that kid is really funny! :)

Babs Bitchin said...

Eyebee, I think she's got a future, in comedy, what do you think?

Babs Bitchin said...

Haddock, I love a good prankster and come from a long line of them. Even my own brother got me last week and I thought he was selling time shares. I hung up on him, lol!