Aug 5, 2007

Fun With Food

I love to play with food. I think I had some of these pics before?

I was the Manager of The Liberty St. Cafe, an upscale restaurant and when the new owners bought it, I went to work for them, under the Executive Chef/Owner, Todd Singleton. The man is genius and I must say, I learned so much, under his tutalege. But I don't have the patience for fine dining anymore or the kind of people who might eat there. In example, at the last minute, just prior to closing, the big judge came in, for a Salmon Omelette. This requires, searing the salmon, pouring in egg wash, made with cream, capers, scallions and you work it, until it is just right. Then, you place it under the Salamander for just a moment, this fluffs it and then smear sour cream all over the exposed top. You then, fold it and present with fresh cut fruit. I did this in record time and made it like I would go directly to jail, if it was not perfect. Two months later, this Judge, did throw me in jail. I didn't see the humor at the time.

The result of having too much time:
sandwiches 15

sandwiches 1

sandwiches 3

sandwiches 4

There are more pics, don’t forget to view the rest of the article!

sandwiches 5

sandwiches 6

sandwiches 7

sandwiches 8

sandwiches 9

sandwiches 10

sandwiches 11

sandwiches 12

sandwiches 17

sandwiches 18

sandwiches 19

sandwiches 20

sandwiches 22

sandwiches 24

sandwiches 25

sandwiches 27

sandwiches 28

sandwiches 29

sandwiches 30

sandwiches 32

sandwiches 34

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