Aug 5, 2007

Girl Sees Broken Bones/Injuries

Very interesting! I found this, from a couple sources. If it is true, what a wonderful gift...


THE SUN has brought the incredible X-ray eyes girl to Britain and seen her amazing powers at first hand.

Russian Natasha Demkina, 17, has stunned doctors in her home country with her ability to see medical conditions inside people.

We flew her 1,500 miles to London to demonstrate her extraordinary powers on Sun reporter Briony Warden, who suffered multiple injuries when she was knocked down by a car in October last year.

She is still recovering from the hit-and-run and uses crutches or a wheelchair to get around.

Before Natasha arrived at Briony’s North London home, our reporter removed a leg brace and hid all clues to her injuries.

Then the petite blonde teenager, who looks years younger than her age, began her examination.

Briony, 36, said: “I stood up and let her eyes scan over my fully-clothed body.

Broken leg ... with Sun reporter Briony Warden

“Her pupils dilated and she seemed to go into a trance for a couple of minutes.

“Straight away she began identifying a pain site at the base of my spine which she called a ‘blockage’.

“In fact I have four healing spinal fractures and some nerve damage.

“She described my pelvic area as being asymmetrical and pointed to the right side — where I suffered several fractures.

“Pointing to my jaw, she reported seeing a ‘hard, alien part’ – it was exactly the spot where a titanium plate holds my bones together.

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Xmichra said...

That is both freaky and cool. Makes me wonder if she can see past skin or is so accute in detail that she notices when a persons body is out of allignment.

I knew a doctor like that. He would know things that were wrong with you without touching you. He just knew that something was up because of the tint of your skin, the way you wlaked, how you sat up ... just strange things that don't really show any difference of health.

Miz UV said...

Wow. That "gift" could totally mess someone up -- I hope she ends up okay. It's neat she wants to become a doctor.

~Babsbitchin~ said...

Xmichra, it's surely fascinating, huh? I read that she says, like if you had something behind your back, she couldn't tell you what is was but she can visualize within the body, well enough that she told the one girl, she had two marks on her bone from prior surgical hardware. It was true. Simply mesmerizing!

That Dr., would be really cool to visit. Where is he now?

~Babsbitchin~ said...

Miz UV, I'd not thought about that. It's true, if she became inundated with visuals all the time. It's like me being Empathic, my son is as well and it can be such a burden.

Webmiztris said...

that is so fucking freaky! why not me? I want that!! lol

Babs Bitchin said...

Webmiztris, I know, I'd love to have that ability, I think? I mean think of all the good she can do? She does make money from it but it doesn't appear that she's greedy cause she could charge a lot more, than she does, ya know?

But you only get one gift and yours is music, so kick ass, g-friend, right?

Xmichra said...

that doctor shot himself in a "shooting accedent" almost 20 years ago now. I lived in the house he built for his family, a really great architectual house it was. I lived in that house for almost a year when i was 19. You just never know what is going on in a mans mind, not even when you are surrounded by his comforts.