Aug 18, 2007



Well kids, I'm off for a weeks vacation. I'm leaving at 10am for the airport in Islip, will fly to Philly, then on to Pittsburgh. My oldest son, Lee, will pick me up there. We'll drive from the "burgh to his home in Dubois. (Isn't that a funny name, for a town, gay guys live in?)

Sunday, we're going to the Casino. This is on the reservation, where I used to live. It wasn't there when I went to The Big House.

Then and there, I will eat, drink copious amounts of alcohol and try very hard to behave. They apparently have a buffet to die for (buffet stands for...Big Ugly Fat F***** Eating Tons) (I just made that up, so smuckin fart, huh?) I will eat till I puke. I'm an ex bulimic and will show them how it's done. Us Southerners know how to Binge and Purge.

I intend to lay around like a fargin movie star and drink till I make a scene. I'll stay up, half the night and talk smack about everybody I know. You know how us Gay's love to gossip. I mean, even if I'm Bi, don't disqualify me, in the talkin shit/gossip department.I can hang with the best. Then, I will try to sleep, all morning in my luxurious suite.My son and his significant, just spent the last three weeks, gutting the spare room, wallpapering with a chocolate brown and leopard print, they got a new bed and bedding, pillows and nite stand, dresser, lamp, just for lil ol me. Brady, my grandson (just cause he's a Pug and adopted, doesn't mean we don't treat him like family) and Dakota(he's a boxer) can't wait to see me. My intention is to have no intention, short of going to the Casino, at least until Wednesday.

Wednesday, I'll drive to Jamestown, N.Y., (2 hours from Dubois)where my middle son, Bill and his family still live. I've not seen him or my Grandbabies for two years and meet 10+ family and friends, at my favorite restaurant, Taco Hut. I will eat, drink and be Mary aka Babz. I'll stay in Jamestown, for the night and possibly Thursday night. I intend to hit the Gay Clubs and dance till I have a heart attack. What a way to go.

Jamestown and vicinity, was where I got into all my trouble.I have a pretty bad reputation there, not as the sweet, nice and congenial Babz, you all know. This outa be interesting. I imagine, if I stay outa my favorite bars, I'll be alright. Then again, things do change, people move and nothing stays the same. So...we'll see. I'm staying at a little Motel, in Lakewood, N.Y., Wed. & Thurs., visit my grandbabies and my great grandbaby, go back to Dubois, do some shopping, hit Pittsburgh, on the way out, that's it and that's all.

I lived and worked in Pittsburgh before I moved here, so I know all the cool places to shop. I may go to my old job at The Bagel Factory and get some cheese danish.They are the very best I've ever had. Then, I'll go to another place, I worked when I got out of the Big House, Prestogeorge. They have Master Roasters and the best coffee, yes, better than Starbucks. I'll buy a couple lbs., while I'm there. This is the real deal and stinks so bad, I used to ride the bus home, from work, bring coffee home for my espresso machine and people would give me dirty looks cause this shit stinks to high heave. I'd have them double bag it but it still smelt like the worst skunk piss you could ever imagine and they'd think I needed to wash my ass. I'll have to put the coffee in my checked suitcase, so I don't get "The Look." Well, guess I'd better get dressed.

I'm as excited as a Pedo at the Playground.


CanadianSwiss said...

Have a great time with your family, hon. Hugs :)

JerseyTjej said...

Please eat enough for arse is no where as large as it could be!

Miranda said...

Have a wonderful trip.

Rob K said...

Have a blast, Babs!

DirtyBitchSociety said...

CS, I appreciate that, my ol pal and I am having a helluva good time!

DirtyBitchSociety said...

Jersey, Oh, I'm eating for us all. You would not believe all the stuff I've eaten since coming here. I weighed 144 when I got here and I think I've gained 3 lbs. Lovin it!

DirtyBitchSociety said...

Miranda, thank you, I'm having sooo much fun. Just what the Dr. ordered.

DirtyBitchSociety said...

Rob K, Life is so different here in Pa, as you know. There's no rat race and the shopping is so much better, as in it's not all bullshit high end but real deal stuff. I'm having such a good time. Thanks Darlin!

.Ophelia. said...

Babz!!! Have a wonderful vacation. I am so happy you get to see your grandbabies, Im smiling like an idiot right now ;o)
Drink some drinks for me too, cause I didnt drink enough on my vacation :op

Love you babe, I'll be backhere in a week, We are moving into a HOME. yay.

DirtyBitchSociety said...

Ophelia, I'm home now but I had such a good time. I didn't drink as much as I should have. I may disappointed people and my rep is in trouble, lol!

So glad you're getting to move into a home, tell us all about it. Must be so exciting, huh?