Jan 13, 2008


I am the recipient of three awards. I thank Maryannaville for taking the time to give me a shout out. Considering the fact that I've not been much on posting on any of my blogs, with the exception of Ask Aunt Babz, I consider getting these awards nothing short of a small miracle. You might think it's petty but I accept them with gratitude and am actually moved by it. In an email, Maryannaville wrote;
"I've been moved often by your blogs contents and the incredible turpitude I felt from you behind each post. Moreover, it's my wish to acknowledge your efforts, wit, and obviously transparent nature and genuine concern for others. Please apply each award to each blog, if you so choose."

2007 Inspiring Great Blog Awards

In turn, I present the 2007 Inspiring Blog Award to;


You Rock My Socks!

Happy New Year Across the World

Again, I thank Maryannaville for this highly coveted group of awards. I accept them with a bit of amusement, slight embarrassment but mostly pride. Thanks!

Shameless Plug...
In case you're not aware of the the advice site, I will let you know, I have the very best, on staff. My main squeeze, I mean my main gazane is Xmichra, who along with Soulseer, diligently answer any and all questions thrown their way. We're a tad slow right now but we average about four letters a week. Which by the way, ain't half bad for a bunch of half white people, I mean for next to nothing adverts. We are sponsored by Retirement Living Television, Long Island Guide.com and Free Center. Yes, one day we'll be in syndication. Pay attention, watch and see. We're different than your Dear Abbey's with our in your face response. We tell it like it is and it's not some dumb cookie cutter answer. We get knee deep in the hoopla, we delve and search for the truth, we don't just sing it, we bring it. Yes, we're making a difference, one answer at a time. If you've not visited Free Advice; Ask Aunt Babz, you ain't livin'! Yes, we're all that and a box of Godiva. Can you tell I think highly of this project?

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