Jan 26, 2008

Damn That Fruitcake

Big Sign: 75% Off

It was for fruitcake at my neighborhood Waldbaums Grocery Store. I actually had to talk myself out of buying it. Yes, it's debatable if it'd every be eaten or I'd mail it to one of my kids, thus passing the buck. But in my soon to be senile mind, I really thought well, I'll rip a huge hunk off that monkey and mau down. I was actually responsible for not buying it. See, I have a real problem when I see signs that say 75% Off. Yep, I've bought a Cow Chip because it was on sale at 75% off. Yes, it's a sickness but I'm not in denial like the rest of you poor bastards. I know I'm F'd up!
Have a great weekend!

Do You Eat Fruitcake???
WTF Fruitcake???
Sure, I Can Grub On Some Fruitcake
Oh Hell No!!!
Only If I'm Stoned Immaculate!
If It's 75% Off I Will!!!

1 comment:

xstevex said...

Hi Babz
fruitcake no way , my wifes a great baker....
last night I decided to veg and watch "The Number 23" w /Jim Carey
you should watch this movie , it was great seeing Virgina Madsen in a movie again , I think she comes off quite confident and sexy , you?
check it out...what else is doin?
I ll see what you have goin on here , I had a horrible week:(