Jan 17, 2008

Wanna Know Why...???

Wanna know why, I wear the name, "Dirty Bitch," and wear it well??? Rather, where it evolves from, for me???

This explains a lot and is a teaser from my upcoming book. No, it's not safe for work, well the Podcast isn't.

Click Here for a rather poignant post.


xstevex said...

wow Im reading , theres a lot on your blog and I can only process so much at a time haha , whats up ?Im just hangin out w/my son today maybe take a nap , love naps;)
have a great weekend

DirtyBitchSociety said...

xStevex, Sweetie, I think it's called a "Blivet." That means 10lbs. of bullshit in a 5lb bag. That sums it all up. If you listen to the Podcast, it does get juicy towards the end. Now, if you are having a hard time going to sleep, you save the Podcast to your computer and play it. You will fall asleep by my hypnotic voice. Amongst other things, I have been accused of having a methodical, melodic voice. Yes, ol Auntie Babz will help you fall fast asleep.


Rich said...

THAT WOMAN IN THA PICTURE looks like a woman I work with who is stalking me.

xstevex said...

Im lucky if I can make it through a movie w/o falling asleep ha , watched "the last king of scotland" and "the kingdom" this weekend....they were ok. I like too many movies thats the problem
and the old one that I will watch over and over.....

~Babz~ said...

Rich, ok, I'll cop to it, it's me and if you'd only buy me a cup of good stinky coffee, I'll stop stalking you. I'll let you mull it over a bit before you give me your answer, ok?

~Babz~ said...

XsteveX, I'm afraid I'm the same way unless it's a good action flick, ya know. But my voice will put you to sleep, so I'm accused anyway. Now, what old movie is it that you watch over and over?

I would watch, "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon," Victor was the man I wanted to marry.

xstevex said...

Pulp Fiction comer to mind immediately , sure theres plenty of others too...Little Big Man, The life and Times of Judge Roy Bean , Cool Hand Luke , Rumble Fish, Full Metal Jacket , Apocolyspe Now, well as you can see thats why I put "lots" in my profile

Saboma said...

Girly, I listened to your podcast, well, that is once I figured out that I needed to save it in order to listen to what you wanted us to hear.
Again, let me say that you take my breath away.

You're so much more than that! Sharing it was a courageous act, girlfriend.

Damn it, babz. All I want to do is hug you now even though I know that it won't do anything to take those gawd awful memories away. Even saying I'm sorry means nothing at all.

If anything, let me say that, "I feel you."


~Babz~ said...

XsteveX, there's not one that you named that I don't love myself. You have good taste.

How 'bout A Bronx Tale, Young Guns and if you've not seen it, Frances(1982) played by Jessica Lange, it is the true story of the actress Frances Farmer. She was placed in a mental institution, had to go through being raped and a lobotomy. Check it out!

~Babz~ said...

Sobama, those were powerful words and I do appreciate them. I thank you for just taking the time to listen to it. I didn't know you had to save it to listen. Must be somewhere in translation?

For my book, I'm only up to 1996. It's truly hard to make myself think about it all and I can't fake the funk and pretend it's not. It was a tumultuous time, my life but it's made me who I am. A wise gal, I guess, similar to a wise guy, lol!

Again I thank you!

Saboma said...

A wise gal, I guess, similar to a wise guy, lol!

What's the saying, uhm, 'everyone likes a little ass but no one likes a smart ass?' ~:o)

Yer a wise ole bird, babz. You've taken what lessons you've had shoved onto you in your life experiences and have made them your servants instead of you remaining servile to them.

I like that!
You've got it going on, Girly, now keep going. Do what you do best.

Just from what little I know of you, my money's on you. I'm absolutely sure that it's one bet that's sure to win.

In other words, Git on wid yo' bad self, woman!

xstevex said...

A Bronx Tale, Young Guns and if you've not seen it, Frances(1982) played by Jessica Lange

yep yep seen em , all good!! podcast howd I miss that? , I have no time thats how , Ill look this weekend...

oh have you ever seen "lock stock and 2 smoking barrells"? great uk film .....sigh theres just too many