Jan 21, 2008

Wolfgang's Vault

For all you old heads, like my self who enjoy what they term as Classic Rock(which means I'm classic too, huh?), you'll probably love Wolfgang's Vault.

You need only to register and you'll then be able to listen to some good concert audio. Here's just the names/bands, of concerts which they have listed for your listening enjoyment;
  1. The Allman Brothers Band
  2. B.B. King
  3. The Band
  4. The Beach Boys
  5. Black Sabbath
  6. Bob Marley
  7. Bruce Springsteen
  8. The Byrds
  9. Chicago
  10. The Clash
  11. Cream
  12. Creedence Clearwater …
  13. Crosby, Stills, Nash …
  14. David Bowie
  15. The Doobie Brothers
  16. Duran Duran
  17. Electric Flag
  18. Electric Light Orchestra
  19. Elton John
  20. Elvis Costello & the …
  21. Eric Clapton
  22. Fleetwood Mac
  23. Genesis
  24. Grateful Dead
  25. Humble Pie
  26. Iggy Pop
  27. James Taylor
  28. Jimi Hendrix
  29. Jimmy Buffett
  30. Led Zeppelin
  31. Little Feat
  32. Lynyrd Skynyrd
  33. Miles Davis
  34. Peter Frampton
  35. Pink Floyd
  36. The Police
  37. Quicksilver Messenger…
  38. The Ramones
  39. Randy Newman
  40. The Rolling Stones
  41. Ry Cooder
  42. Santana
  43. Sly & the Family Stone
  44. Steve Miller
  45. Stevie Ray Vaughan
  46. Tom Petty
  47. Traffic
  48. U2
  49. Van Morrison
  50. The Who
Click Here to go to Wolfgang's Vault


xstevex said...

ok some good variety , I personally would have left Genesis and Duran Duran off but thats just me , good to see The Ramones and Iggy though...what no Dead Kennedys??hmmmm well I would have to create my own vault huh? thanks for the link anyway

Joe the Troll said...

Interesting idea, although the concerts themselves are sparsely stocked. I guess they're new, though, so they could build it up in time. For myself, though, I've built up a much larger collection via Bit Torrent and I can take it anywhere on CD.

Barbara Doduk said...

ELO is one of my all time favs, as is Fleetwood Mac. Some great bands there. I guess I like classic rock too.

BillyWarhol said...

I Love + was Lucky enuf to see a lot of those Bands!

I'll run down the ones I saw*

Allman Bros, The Band, Springsteen, The Clash, Crosby Stills Nash + Young, Bowie, Elvis Costello, Eric Clapton, Genesis, Iggy Pop, The Ramones, Rolling Stones, Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan + I wanna see Everybody else on that List!!


Oh yeah I saw The J. Geils Band for good measure*

That was the Joy of living an Hour from Detroit City!! + in Toronto*


BillyWarhol said...

I fergot METALLICA!!!!!


Xquizit said...

ahhh yeah baby ..you know i love my classic rockers! how are ya honey?

~Babz~ said...

XsteveX, I will not fold to peer pressure no matter how bad it is, lol! I love Duran Duran but I'm an old clubber and their music filled the clubs with Dance.

Genesis is an old fav but I don't think I'd listen to it. I do have a few songs, MP3's and so on of Genesis but rarely listen.

I must have a different taste but music is mood stuff for me. If I was at a keg party or something, you know Redneckin it, I'd want to hear Skynard or Allman Bros., David Allen Coe and so on.But I love the heavy shit too and it'd be and put me in a different state of mind. Get what I'm saying?

Build that Vault and they will come...

~Babz~ said...

Joe, yea they give you a taste and then you want more. The Vault, I've had linked for a couple years and weekly, I get emails from them with new stuff but your right it is sparse for each artist.

I need to check out this Bit Torrent all you guys are talking about. Well first I need to get a new computer or more RAM cause right now I've got 18% left(room)and I keep getting Low Memory or rather Memory needs to be increased. This computer sucketh.

~Babz~ said...

Barbara, I love ELO and it's a damn shame they quit as a band. Great loss but I can still listen over and over again to existing stuff, i.e. Showdown, Can't Get You Out a My Head?...

I am so stuck in the 70's and 80's, ya know? It was a time of good music, the real stuff. Just love the Classic Rock and always will.

BTW, good to hear from you, my ol friend!


~Babz~ said...

Billy Warhol, Our band(we played mostly Blues & Classic Rock) had been to see Clapton, Allman Bros., BB King & Kenny Wayne Sheperd and we were waiting for info of when SRV would come to the area and then he died. I felt real slighted, a great loss, huh?

I'm jealous that you got to see Santana, damn!

I saw Bowie, in 1972-3? maybe, at a roller rink in Springfield, Va.It was when when he was almost a nobody but had one song in rotation.CSN & Y I saw at the Kennedy Center, in DC back in 1975? I think? They gave a shout out to the Pagans MC(I'd rode in with them) and Falls Church, they call it Falls Gulch, Virginia. Do you remember Black Oak Arkansas, i.e. Jim Dandy to the rescue...? They'd invited me back stage. I was 13, I think and too scared. Damn the memories that could've been made, woohoo!

I just heard from my buddy, Jake from Jake's Blues that they are cutting a new LP. This dude is phenomenal guitarist, likened to SRV, well you know nobody can really do it but Jake blew me away. I think because he's stuck in Erie, Pa. he's not had the coverage he deserves. Check him out, when ya got a minute.

Yes, Metallica for sure!

~Babz~ said...

Xquisit, you know it girl. We are classic too, huh? hahaha!

I've been ok, on duty, working too much but you know the drill. What's kickin your way? I'm glad that shit was somewhat resolved about that asshole who posted your daughters pic. That was sooooooo uncalled for. I have come to realize,(not always practice what I preach)that we must and need to be more responsible with our words, especially on the internet. But when we drag kids into it, well, they need a beat down for it. Enough said.

Hugz and Kizzez my pal, my sister!

RockDigger said...

The Allman Brothers Band concerts are excellent. I have listen to most of these now but...but... where's Savoy Brown?