Feb 15, 2008

Darwin Awards

Ya gotta love it. The reason I even went to the Darwin Awards was because of this story about founding band member, Terry Kath of Chicago. He died of an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound. Very unfortunate as I thought he was a true, undisputed talent.

I got to reading and rooting around and came across this story
which I happen to remember. Amongst others, I found some rather intriguing and could read for hours, especially one in particular that I had read some time ago. It is the story of the death of one, Ron Opus which is considered an Urban Legend. Who Knows? But it's one helluva story even concocted.

(Authors Note: I do not believe in Darwin's Theory of Evolution but do so love these Awards)


xstevex said...

"I found some rather intriguing and could read for hours,"

I know you get hooked on these unbelievable stories huh ?


Babz said...

XsteveX, I have to admit, I love the shit. A good story and tying a tail on the end of it are Sioux traditions. It's just in me, lol!

xstevex said...

oh hey monday night I was trying to stay awake to watch "Dog Day Afternoon" haha I knew you would like this picture..."attica ,attica"...lmao

~Babz~ said...

XsteveX, I love a good yarn don't you? I get onto some site like that and don't get a damn thing done as I am right now. I have shit to do up the wazoo and here I am answering comments. No focus at all, lol!

~Babz~ said...

XsteveX, I love that frigin movie. My son just bought the platinum edition? of Scarface. He'd said he'd never seen the movie in it's entirety. "Say hallo to ma lil friend!"

xstevex said...

Scarface.....EXCELLENT , " you got the money?" ..."its close by" hahaha, "this is Martha" oh shit I could go on , just like lines from Pulp Fiction right??
have a great day...oh another paint and spackle party this weekend here sry you missed out:(